Brasil Gem Show - JOMINAS-March 30,2000

I’m wondering if anyone has been to this gem show (Brasil Gem
Show, Belo Horizonte, JOMINAS 3/30/2000) or has any valuable
advice regarding the purchase of cut gems in Brazil? Any
would be of value to me as I’m a newbie to this and
plan to attend this show in Belo Horizonte while visiting
husband’s family. I would appreciate any reputable contacts any
of you may have worked with there - have Portugese speaking
husband to translate when necessary. Spending majority of time
in Santa Catarina, Florinopolis if anyone knows of gem and
jewelers supply in this town.

Thanks so much for all the schooling I’ve received - hope to be
able to return the gift as I learn the art! Jennifer

Jennifer Dewey - Jewelry Designs
New Orleans, LA - USA
(504) 945-0939

Dear Jennifer, While I have not attended the show in question, I
have been to Brazil many times and, after approximatly ten
trips, came to the conclusion that the best place in the world
to buy Brazilian gems is at the Tucson shows each February. I
really believe that you can get a better selection and better
price at the aforementioned shows than you could in Belo,
Governador or Teofilo Ottoni. As a matter of fact I have known
people to buy at the Tucson shows and resell them in Brazil.
Brazilian dealers generally want to sell in parcels making it
impractical for the small operator to effectively buy at a
reasonable price. You must always be very careful about cutting
quality as many Brazilian stones are windowed and have “fat
bellies”. Check also for good polish. Belo is a major venue for
stones, but remember that it is removed from the traditional
sources and, therefore, the prices tend to be higher. Don’t
interprete my cautions as a suggestion that going to the show
would be a waste of time. The Brazilians are top notch
merchandisers and I am sure that you will see some spectacular
and elegant displays. Ciao for now, Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos,

Jennifer, Two excellent online friends of us all will be in
Tucson with many Gems directly from Brazils Mines, Mark Liccini,
and Robert Lowe.

Mark Liccini will be at The Holiday Inn Broadway at the GL&W
Show 2/1-2/7 Robert Lowe at the GJX 2/3-2/8

Both are well respected and carry quality material. Teresa

Jennifer, I live in New Lima, placed to 15 km of Belo Horizonte.
If you come I will have a lot of pleasure in helping her. Seek us
for the phones (55) 541-7989/(55) 9123-5615 or e-mail us in

Dalton Lintz - Mineral Crafts

Jenniffer I’m in Rio de Janeiro. If you are interested, I’d be glad to
provide one or two addresses of very reliable people, carrying
quality material and selling even a single stone. I’ve been buying
from them for years, and I’m very satisfied. I have no commercial
interest with them, whatsoever. Hope you enjoy your staying in my
country. Regina Bittencourt.


I would love to have the names of your contacts for purchasing gems
and minerals in Brasil! I will not be making it to Rio on this trip,
but any contacts who will be at JOMINAS would be helpful. I will
definitely be going to Sao Paulo looking for gems (cabs, facets and
natural slices in small quantity) if you have any contacts there.
Much appreciated! Hope you’re enjoying your Summer - soooo cold up
here! =) …jennifer

Jennifer Dewey -Pereira Jewelry Designs
New Orleans, LA - USA
(504) 945-0939
Happy 2000 :slight_smile: