Bracelets late 2022

Here are some bracelets I made late 2022. They are gold-plated brass. These are photos from a light box, not renderings.



These Skeletal Frame Bracelets are very nice, were the made with wax and then cast in Brass or were they pieced-together from Brass Wire and then Plated Gold? Nicely done either way! Just curious…

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They are lost-wax casting. I design them in Rhinoceros and I have the wax printed and cast from Shapeways.


I have made and fitted bracelets for nearly 50 years. They all need to be adjusted to get them to a point where it is safe and comfortable to wear. This means that the bracelet needs to be made to different lengths and then the shape and gap adjusted so that the bracelet can be rolled on and off the wrist and still stay safely on the wrist while it is worn. Your bracelets are very interesting, but I do wonder how you plan on fitting them so that the owner doesn’t feel like they need to squeeze or bend them to accomplish what I have described above…Rob


This is a good point. I actually made one for a client, quite expensive, and it didn’t fit. If it was a standard bracelet you could just bend it but it was impossible. I just need to make them custom and be extra careful on the measurements. The first one is flat and adjusts easily.