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Bracelet spring hinge


Hi all,

I have an ivory bracelet that is about 20 years old. The spring
hinge is no longer operational…in fact…it is no longer on the
bracelet. The bracelet had lost it’s ability to spring back into
place and my customer decided they might be able to fix it and took
it off the bracelet…then misplaced it. I have looked at some of my
supply catalogs and the spring hinges won’t work for this bracelet.
I believe this might be a custom job…I have no experience with
spring hinges and wouldn’t know where to begin. Does anyone in
Orchid have the experience if so would you be willing to give an
estimate? Please email me off Orchid. Many thanks for your time

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
@Linda_Crawford (finally updated)


Linda- If you have a copy of Tim McCreight’s “The Complete
Metalsmith”, Checkout page 151. Leslie