Bracelet links

Hi All, I am looking for bracelet links. Rio Grande carried a link
that was about 1/8 inch wide and about 1/4 inch long. The link was
doubled back on itself on both ends forming a flat “C” shape. Rio
no longer carries them. Sure could use some help. Thanks
Lee Epperson

I have a customer who has invested quite a bit of money in loose
he would like me to make bracelets for him out of groups
of stones- all the same size and type. He is cheap. Sterling silver-
prong settings for faceted stones. To buy the prong settings and
solder on jump rings and then set the stones then link all together
would cost him quite a bit more than he would like to spend. Other
than Tripps- is there a source for quality bracelet links in sterling
silver? Is there another option?

Many Thanks!
Cindy Leffler
Manney B’s Jewelry
Newberg, OR

I do very little with facetted stones but I think that just
soldering jump rings onto premade prong settings will not make a
very strong bracelet. If the stones are valuable, he may be sorry.


Hello Cindy, Perhaps your customer should have the bracelet made in
stages. You could make up a few links and connect with a quality
chain. Replace chain with links later as funds allow. Are the
gemstones uniform in size? If so, Rio has several link type
bracelets in sterling. If the loose gemstones are good enough
quality that he would hate to lose them, he really should consider
mountings in gold for durability. Wouldn’t hurt to point that out.

Best of luck,

Judy in Kansas, who will be moving some sod tonight if the
mosquitoes aren’t too vicious.

Check the Rio Grande catalogue. If the stones are calibrated they
may have something which you can use.