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Bracelet clasps

I have designed and built these oval bangle bracelets and they are solid and the spring for the tab is good and strong and it has great snappage when closed. I am using in under locking safety with pin to keep the tongue from slipping out. I am using a E shaped tongue and tap to lock in. So it is double locking and secure. I have a feeling that some of these clients are yanking these open and not operating them correctly is my belief. I do not want to fault my design or place blame. I think there is an operation error and then the components are getting worn prematurely. Any thoughts?

I think that bracelet are the most abused items in our industry. Most squeeze the clasp (of whtever kind) beyond its limits, so that it will not return to the rest position. Others “pull” on the claps before actuating the release, thereby jamming the mechanism. The best for us seem to be box clasp of some kind. White gold seems most reliable for blade clasps. It can be tempered a bit, and if heavy enough will last pretty well. The best success comes with proper explanation of use at the point of sale. Every time a clasp is bent beyond its elastic limit, it is set up to fail. Gold is not steel, and its use must be properly explained. Another obvious choice, if applicable, is , of course, the claw fastener (how many variations have we seen.). If possible, we like to use as heavy as practicable. Magnetics are O.K. for moderate priced items, or for those who simply cannot use normal fasteners. They are not perfect, and must be kept clean or they will not connect. Clasps are always potential problems, because their use is “out of our hands”. Use the strongest that the customer can manipulate, and afford?


I agree and I stressed this to our salesteam, these are $3-7k and should have instructions especially with a working mechanism. thank you for validating what happens a lot with these items. Like you said it is out of our hands. Most people want very easy so my design is that, but there is a limit and they must share the responsibility of our design and their new piece. Cartier has a cool idea on a new design for their tool/nail line, it is magnetic and an under clasp that the top half of that end springs open, like a reverse clasp, if that makes sense the claw is inside the housing and it clicks inside as well as the magnet. very clever.


i love mechanisms!

one concept i love is where there is a hinged flap/ door that you click/flip open, which reveals the “tongue” side…which usually has a hole, that seats over something to lock it in place…

also, these hinged flap/ doors can be used as a safety latch, over a spring tongue latch…

“hidden” clasps, incorporated into the bracelet designs are
such inqenious mechanisms



Could you please post some pics of the “hinged/flap door” you described? Either photo or sketch (or both!) Not clear how it “click/flips open” or where and how the tongue is in relation to it. In other words, I have no idea at all what this animal looks like, let alone how it works…:-)))!


I am more learning about you all with your responses and looking for new ideas, etc. Curious on yall’s thoughts is all. ttyl

Hi Janet,

here is a pic of the basic concept…see the safety hinge/ flap on underside?

this has a pin that goes thru the center opening/ hole in the tongue…

you can get a similar effect, not using a spring tongue, but rather a tongue with a hole, that drops into the box, and seats on teeth/ pins etc, with one on the / working in conjunction with, the hinge flap…