Box Latch

Hi all, After designing around them for years I am finally taking the
plunge and making a hinged bracelet that fastens with a box latch.
The bracelet is made from silver and I’m debating whether to use
sterling or nickel for the springy part in the mechanism. I’ve
already cracked a couple of them and I will be setting a stone on top
of it. I thought this would be simpler but now I would appreciate
some help.

Thank you,

Pauline, Fabricating a box latch requires skill and will take a little
time to get it right. It is also very satisfying when you do get it
right and everything snaps together just perfectly. Why not show off
your craftsmanship by using gold for the tongue? It is a lot more
springy than sterling, easier to work with than nickel, and easily
recognized as a “quality” part.

Allen Revere’s book, Professional Goldsmithing, illustrates step by
step how to make this clasp. It is a wonderful guide to improving
your technical skill.

Doug Zaruba