Box clasp question

I am currently making a too-elaborate-for-my-own-good, hinged
bracelet. I had planned an integrated box clasp, but am finding
the making of it beyond my scope. I am also finding that all of
the info that I have come across on clasps, seems to be pretty
limited. …Help! I know that some of you must know where
detailed info on box clasps, and other types of hand-fabricated
clasps can be found. Please come to my rescue, on, or off list. I
would be seriously in your debt. Thank you,

Lisa, (Rain has stopped long enough for me to go out and get the dang wood myself),
Topanga, CA USA

I would absolutely recommend Allen Revere’s book “Professional Goldsmithing” for the best detailed recipe for a box clasp. The
first one I made took almost ten hours and I did each step very
slowly and meticulously. Once you have it down it gets alot
easier (and addictive). You just need to be careful not to over
file, because the tiniest bit, and your clasp will be loose. It’s
very satisfying to hear the distinct “click” of a well made box

Tim McCrieght's book "<a target="_blank" href="">Complete Metalsmith</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />" also shows how

to make several clasps. I consider both of these books the “Must
have” reference to any jeweler. Once you get the box clasp down,
try tube clasps, their a breeze. I’m working on hinges these days
and loving it! *There’s an example of a box clasp as make from
the project in Mr. Revere’s book on my web page home page. That
one is 1"x1" on a 7" bracelet
Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Charles Lewton-Brain’s latest book is all about clasps,
fasteners, and closures… He was selling some on… but
I don’t know what is available there. Also, I think there is some
on the Orchid Web site… and Charles is a member and
he might send you one directly. You might try but
I don’t know if they distribute the book…

Check out Alan Revere’s book Professional Goldsmithing, I
believe he covers that. The book has large color photos, very
clear. Also, perhaps there is a video out there that covers
this. And Charles Lewton-Brain has a book all on clasps and catches, find excerpts from it on the website.


Hi Lisa Byzantia, Sylvia Wicks’ book, “Jewellery-making Manual
published by Chartwell Books, USA, 1985, and reprinted several
times since, has an excellent step-by-step explanation and
drawings on pages 104-105 of box catches and the variations. Kind
regards, Rex from Oz

Thanks to everyone for all of their great box clasp suggestions
on and off list! I now have places to look, and 20 ways to do the
dang thing. That’s what I like about Orchid…Everyone is always
so helpful and friendly, and willing to share. You guys have
pulled me out of the fire again, I owe you. What a great forum!

Lisa, (got offered a 3 year old very fancy horse yesterday, He
has one low fetlock, so he can’t compete. Good for flat use
though…I’d have to break him myself, buuut, might be worth it)
Topanga, CA USA