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Bowers Museum

Dear Orchid, For those of you who can…do take in the dual
exhibition at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art

2002 N Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 567-3600

The World of the Etruscans (some jewelry with granulation)

Gems! The Art and Nature of Precious Stones Unreal…demantiods
galore tsavorites as big as pigeon eggs (well almost) and a RED
EMERALD (I kid you not)

Bill in Vista

 a RED EMERALD (I kid you not) 

Emeralds are a variety of beryl. To be called an emerald, they must
exhibit a strong green color and contain the proper chemical mix.

Other beryls include aquamarine (blue to blue green), heliodor
(yellow), goshenite (colorless), green beryl (lighter greens) and
the above mentioned red beryl (not red emerald).


I have yet to see the exhibit at the Bowers Museum, but it’s been
recommended by several people and I do plan on checking it out. I
will grit my teeth to do so, however, since this museum charges $16
for admission - more than twice as much as the LA County Museum of
Art, a museum about ten times the size and scope of the Bowers, and
exactly twice as much as the Los Angeles Natural History museum. I’m
just glad there’s only the two of us to pay for.