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Bowers Museum - Gem exhibit

I just learned of this great gem exhibit last night, but it’s not
too late for some of you in california to go see it.

cathy gaber

February 16, 2003 - February 29, 2004

Curated by Bowers President Peter Keller, Ph.D., this exhibit
features some of the world’s finest known gems.

On display are more than 300 rare gems, including: the largest
faceted gemstone, weighing 220 pounds or 500,000 carats; a
necklace featuring the two largest known examples of the
sapphire-like California state gemstone, benitoite; a
400-carat golden sapphire that is one of the world’s largest;
and the world’s largest tanzanite (242 carats) set in a tiara
with 1,000 diamonds.

Gems! answers the basic questions of gemology, presents
delicate and rare gems and portrays gemstones as art, focusing
on some of the most notable artists known today. Artists
include Bernd Munsteiner from Idar-Oberstein, Germany, and
John Marshall from Seattle, Washington.

Dear Catherine, Many thanks for the “heads-up” about this remarkable
exhibit. I visited the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA just today, and
it was well worth the 80-mile round-trip drive from my bench!

Any in Orchidland who are interested in the luscious color variations
of precious stones, uncut crystals and faceted gemological specimens,
spectacular finished jewelry pieces, and the awe-inspiring sculptural
works of Mr. Marshall and Mr. Munsteiner will find the experience
well worth the travel time. Here’s a description which might
tantalize: “Orchid Flower Sapphire Brooch with Spinels, Diamonds and
Demantoid Garnets in Titanium is an extraordinary example of modern
design with Sapphires of total weight 33 ct. from Montana and Burma.
ESG Jewelers, Basel, Switzerland” (quoted directly from Light and
Stone, the book accompanying the exhibit). These glorious items are
only on display until Sunday, February 29, so time is of the essence.
The Bowers Museum website
will provide additional and maps/driving directions. Enjoy! MAC

Catherine, Thanks for your posting–the exhibit was inspiring. And
Michael Scott did something nice: Since it was the last day of the
exhibit, each patron received the color catalog as a gift!