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Bourget Bros

I thought they recently "went out of business" and no longer

Bourget Bros. would be very surprised to hear that. You may be
thinking of Grieger’s in Pasadena, which did go our of business
several years ago. Bourget is at the same old location in Santa
Monica as far as I know but it’s easier to visit them on-line:

You can find their wax pattern catalog under Casting Supplies.

Rick Martin

Yes, Bourget Bros is on Colorado and 11th. Does anyone else know any
great supply stores in LA? I have only recently moved here and live
in Santa Monica.


  Does anyone else know any great supply stores in LA? 

Yep…downtown…A&A findings on 6th, east of Hill St., A to Z
findings, on 6th, just West of Hill…Progress Tool, on Olive,
between 6th and 7th…Prijems or Taj, for beads and pearls…both in
the same building. 8th floor, and 3rd floor, on Olive, between 6th and
7th Sts. Bella Findings…somewhere down there on 6th st. What exactly
are you looking for?

Lisa( Hey…I’m up for a Niche Award…wish me luck) Topanga, CA