Bouncing emails

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been having bouncing emails, 'more bounce than
a rubber ball
". I tried numerous methods to reduce the high mgb’s for my 3
"Diamond Setting & Diagram folders". I’m now attempting to do a file
reduction, as I have “zip” each of the 3 folders. This is a large project
as I now have to write down those 35+ bounced email addresses & literally
start again…:>(
For example, my 2nd folder had in excess of 241 mgb’s, now it is down to
more manageable 115 mgb’s. So if anyone who has thought that I have given
up, don’t think that!!! This labour is a tad challenging & very time
consuming, tomorrow & Monday are my days to rectify this problem. I even
tried “DropBox”, but I found that not to my liking either!
Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

We have an extraordinary individual who is willing to share his 50+ years of professional experience for free. Probably there’s a way for @seth and @leah to establish something like an ftp download corner for this purpose, secure it against those bad guys out there and send a password access to those emails who expressed interest and want to carry-on the flame.



Perhaps you missed Seth’s post, particularly the last sentence about this information being posted on Orchid:

If you have your own Website you can put them in a folder there and e-mail the link. Otherwise, I have been very happy with Google Drive.

The easiest way to handle this is not to email large self-contained files. Gerry is going to posting his essays here over time – while more effort, it is far less effort than dealing with all the email bounces :wink: