Boston travel report

I’d like to thank everyone here who took the time to make
suggestions about wonderful things to do and see around Boston, MA.

Several on the list took the time to send detailed about
things to do and how to get around Boston and some even generously
offered to meet me or escort me around their local area. I had the
distinct pleasure of spending some time with a few of my fellow
Orchid members and only wish I’d been there long enough to be able to
meet each of you.

Joe and I had 9 days in and around Boston taking a day trip into New
Hampshire and 2 1/2 days along the coast of Maine and Acadia
National Park. We found the region abounding in history and very
beautiful. One of my husband’s interests is photography. :slight_smile:

One day, Linda Walsh was a wonderful hostess, showing me her studio
and garden in Lexington and taking me by the new home of Metalwerx in
Waltham! I really appreciated that Karen took the time to show us
the facility while there are so many things still to be set up and
arranged as they settle in. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend
the Buddhist Blessing Ceremony held on the 23rd.

In nearby Stratham, N.H. Barbara Smith McLaughlin graciously met me
for a visit to her studio and her husband’s clock workshop. I love
tools! Later, we had a great seafood lunch overlooking the sea on New
Hampshire’s coast.

I can only say that we must return sometime to experience some of
the things we missed and to spend more time on some we only had a
chance to sample.

Thanks again to each of you; your suggestions and were
so helpful.

My warmest thanks to Hanuman and all his helpers for this special
community and the spirit of Orchid which enriches our lives.

Pam Chott

Song of the Phoenix

A side note for anyone planning a visit to the area: driving around
Boston can be a nightmare due to the disruption of heavy road/subway
construction which is slated to continue into 2004 or 2005. I would
suggest that as much as possible try to determine details before you
travel concerning places or events that you’re most interested in -
days and times open, exact location, directions from where you’ll be
staying, etc. The most valuable advise I can offer is to get good
maps! Some roads are not signed well if at all and having proper
maps is imperative.