Boston stone setter recommendation?

Hi there…

I do most of my own stone setting, but when it comes to the
specialties (as in bead and pave) I send my pieces out. But I was
wondering if anybody has some good recommendations for setters in

Currently, I use one who does an amazing job… but lately when I
drop off a ring, it’s a 2 - 3 week wait to have it finished. I cannot
add that kind of lead time to my jobs… it is not making my clients

So, any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!

tracey jenkins

Hello Tracy,

I am a setter of 30 years and would be happy to help if someone
outside of Boston would work. All of my customers are out of state.
Hello Orchid It’s nice to be back

You tell your customer “for a good setting job it will be ready this
date. For a fabulous setting job it will be this later date and this
much more. Your choice.” Also, in NYC, I recommend Renato Porco who
is located on the 2nd floor of the Modell Building on 47th Street.

Judy Shaw

Hi Tracey

The reason the guy has a longer lead time is as you said
yourself…he does amazing work! You are obviously not the only one
in the world that knows that, and he is obviously very busy. I would
be inclined to cool your customers jets a bit if they want the better
quality workmanship. I do all the advanced setting in my shop and
won’t compromise quality for time. Your other option of course is to
learn how to do the bead and pave setting yourself. I am sure that
will take you longer than 2 weeks.

Dave Mereski
The Goldworks Ltd.