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[Boston] Metalsmiths seeking apprenticeship

Hey Orchidians i am David Pogue. I am trying to find any silversmiths
in the Boston area who would be willing to give me a apprenticeship
or a internship(does not have to be paid.) i have been doing
metalwork for 4 years now and i was a jewelry metals student at Umass
Dartmouth. i want to get work in the jewelery industry but everywhere
i apply seems to only care about previous production/repair
experience and seem to not give me a second thought since i do not
have any. i am looking for anything that will give me experience to
get into the industry. Any help or guidance would be greatly
appreciated. i can provide a portfolio and resume upon request.

Thank you
David Pogue

Hi David, Don’t you have the North Bennet Street School in Boston?
I’ve read good things about them. Might be a good place to start.