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[Boston] Jewelry School

Could anyone recommend a jewelers school in the Boston, MA.
area? I’d be interested in something along the lines of Revere
Academy, but can’t go to CA at this time.



The North Bennet Street School in Boston has the best practical
program around. While there are a number of University courses
available I feel that they are too art oriented for someone who
needs to learn how to make jewelry.

You might try North Bennet Street School in the North End.
Unfortunately, there is nothing like Alan Revere’s place here in
Boston, unless I can convince Alan to move here…which is pretty

Mass College of Art has a degree program in Metals, as does the
Museum of Fine Arts School.

Karen Christians
416 Main St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

I’d be very interested in hearing what EVERYONE has to say about
the jewelry schools they have experienced.

As a high school teacher with a first year jewelry program, I am
beginning to get inquiries from students about what is out
there. I can do a search to see WHO has programs, but that
tells me nothing about the quality of that program. I went to
University of North Texas and had a wonderful experience there.
It was heavy into design and exploring many metalworking
techniques, but in an undergraduate program it does not give the
opportunity to explore any technique in much depth. Of course,
there were techniques that I enjoyed more than others and I
tended to practice-practice-practice those…

I have a senior who is going on to the jewelry repair program at
Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas. I have heard good things
about the school, but never heard directly from someone who has
gone there.

I’d really like to know, and want if possible to compile the
comments into a form that I could share with my students.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Susan Embler
Dallas, Texas

Boston University has (or at least had) a Program in Artisanry
where metals is one of the 4 programs. I found it very
impressive and went for one quarter. It’s a shame I didn’t know
about it before I got my BA.

Dear Jackie, Alas, the Program in Artisanry exists no more… I
believe that it demise was some time in the early 80’s. A
casualty of the loathsome Dr. Silber, the one who now creates
Teaching Certification tests for the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, where the applicant must punctuate unpunctuated
excerpts from the “Federalist Papers”. Nevermind the19th cent.
flourishes and archaic style, the majority of the applicants
seem to fail. this way Dr. silber- now the head of Ma.
Education can justify his existence.