Boston Jewelry Attractions

HI all, I live in Australia but will be spending some time in Boston
on a work trip from mid May to end of June. I am interested to know
whether there are any good jewellery tool shops in Boston and also
whether there will be any exhibitions / good galleries to visit
while I am there? My second question is about the cheap tumblers that
were mentioned. Someone mentioned that they travel with one when
doing workshops. The one I looked at on the internet weighs 4 kg.
Are there any that weigh less? thanks very much, Karin

Hi Karin, Boston is great. Only an hour from there is Providence R.I.
It was the capital of the world at one time for the bead, glass and
costume jewelry. There are a few vintage glass closeout warehouses
and N.Y. is amazing for the trade in general. Give me a call
@Helen_Malchow if you are interested in those things.

There is a Gaugin exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts (?) which
has just opened. Sorry no info on jewelry in the Boston area. Kevin

Karin -

I like A. Cohen Co., Inc., 333 Washington Street, Boston MA,
617-523-7440. In the Jeweler’s Building. They are open Mon through
Saturday . They offer a discount to students.

Contenti (in Rhode Island) is another source for supplies- will
you have a car available to you?

Here’s one gallery
I’ll see if I can find some more for you.


I’ve never explored the jewelry scene in Boston but I’m aware, from
various publications, of galleries that I would definitely explore
if I had the chance. One is Atelier Janiye Inc: 165 Newbury Street,
Boston, MA 02116 (617) 437-1130. There’s also a Signature Gallery
in the Boston area

and a Spectrum Gallery not too far (I think).


There is a wonderful gallery in Cambridge called Mobilia, on Huron
Street. They have exceptional artisans represented. Eve Welts

Dan Jocz is in Boston, don’t know if his studio is open. Providence
in my home town and there is usually a student show at Rhode Island
School of Design this time of year. But if you want my opinion,
forget the jewelry attractions and check out the wonderful Italian
Food on Federal Hill. Camille’s Roman Garden on Atwells Avenue is a
particular favorite of mine.

If you really want jewelry attractions, take the Mass Pike (Route
90) 2 hours to exit 2, the beautiful Berkshire’s of Massachusetts.
We are in Lenox (Route 7-7A north) along with Sienna Gallery.
Unfortunately we will be closed for a major interior facelift until
last week in June. Grand reopening is July 7, champagne, music and
first look at the newly transformed gallery. Any interested
Orcadians are invited (please send me an email if your planning to
bring 50 of your closest friends)


Watch for my new book: Secrets Of The Gem Trade:

Visit R. W. Wise, Goldsmith’s online gallery:

You must visit Craft Boston, the annual show for juried artists at
Boston’s World Trade Center. Visit for more
I believe it runs three days in late May. Also, visit
Newbury Street, to the Society of Arts and Crafts, 175 Newbury, a
craft gallery. There is also Allianza in the same neighborhood. They
are a great source for Contact me at @Sue_s_Mail
if you need more

and more for you:

Decorative Arts and Jewelry Established in 1978, Mobilia Gallery
features a schedule of innovative, curated exhibitions of work by
American and international artists with slide lectures and
symposiums to provide a deeper understanding of the arts and the
creative process. The artists selected are leaders in their fields.
Extraordinary jewelry, textiles, furniture, metal, glass and
ceramics are displayed. Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm. Saturday 10am-5pm,
and by appointment.

358 Huron Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd continues his explorations with stones and metal; his
lapidary knowledge has allowed him to create ever more unusual and
adventurous sculptural pieces that are also extremely wearable.

Michael Boyd’s Current Show runs through April 2004

Michael Boyd is on faculty at Metalwerx and will be teaching a
workshop in the fall. See his amazing lapidary techniques at
Mobilia Gallery!

Don’t forget that one of our own Orchidians, Daniel Spier, is also
in Boston. I believe that he is on Newbury St. Also, nearby in
Waltham, is Karen Christians school, Metalwerx. You could even sign
up for a workshop.

Joel Schwalb

Hi Karen, Will you be in Boston proper on in the Boston area? Will
you have a car available? I’m about 15 miles outside of Boston and
would be happy to show you around for a day. You’ve gotten some
good suggestions so far; I’d add Quadrum in Chestnut Hill if you’re
interested in gold jewelry and Karen Christian’s school, Metalwerx,
in Waltham. Linda in MA, where I’m convinced it’s finally spring.

Quadrum at the Chestnut Hill Mall, in Chestnut Hill. -20 minites
fromn downtown and worth the cab ride. Fabulous. Jan Stigberg


I know someone already mentioned the CraftBoston show, but I thought
I’d add that I’ll be exhibiting at the show this year. I’ve not
exhibited at a higher quality show than CraftBoston. There are
quite a few jewelers and metal artists of all stripes there (at last
count 45 jewelers and 7 metal). A couple of the jewelers who I
consider mentors, or at least role models, are exhibiting, and
though it’s not the first time I’ve exhibited with them, it’s always
great to do so. It’s well worth the admission price.

I’ll be in booth 558. The show is at the Seaport World Trade Center
on May 20-23. The website is


Dear Orchidians,

I’ll be visiting the grandkiddies in Boston Mar 7 - 28 (with small
side trips to NY, DC, and elsewhere in the northeast).

I wonder if any one of you might be so kind as to direct me towards
any of what you personally consider to be must-see metalwork and /or
jewelry, and to any particularly rich veins of tools and supplies. Or
even any crafts schools where i might see student work displayed. I’m
not turned on by ( nor skilled enough to work with) precious diamonds
and that sort of thing, but I love good, vigorous, lively, original
metalwork. Some of my preferences; Texture, originality,
one-of-a-kind, fabrication over castings, combinations of metals, I
hope you get the idea.

Perhaps I’ll even get to see a real live Orchidian,

Marty Hykin Victoria, BC

The best place in Boston is in Cambridge across the river at
Mobelia. You can contact me and I’ll give you directions.


I would recommend that you stop in at Mobilia, in Cambridge. They
always have some interesting modern and historic bizarre jewelry.
Also you should stop in at the Harvard Peabody Museum to see the
tourmaline display. One of the best around.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Hi Marty,

Here are some links and places to consider while you’re in the
Boston (Mass) area.

Mobila Gallery in Cambridge, MA http:/

The MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) has a few pieces of jewelry on display
throughout the museum as well as modern pieces by jewelersartists in
the gift shop

The Jewelers Building on 387 Washington Street in Downtown Crossing
(some supply stores there but most of the businesses maybeare
"precious diamond"etc. based.)

Society of Arts and Crafts on Newbury Street.

Michele Mercaldo StudioGallery


There are several artistsjewelers and studios in South End Boston
(Harrison Ave Area). So if the New England weather isn’t too brutal
when you’re here take a walk around that area.

Also check out local colleges, schools in Massachusetts like Mass
College of Art (Boston), School of the Museum of Fine Arts(Boston),
North Bennet St School (Boston), and Metalwerx (Woburn, MA),
Worcester Center for Crafts (Worcester, MA) to see if any student
work or to chat with fellow jewelers etc.

I’m sure there’s stuff I missed but that’s all I can think of at the
top of my head at the moment.

Enjoy your stay.
Lauren Anabela Beaudoin


I will be visiting Boston and the States from mid-October, for three
weeks. I am coming to visit family and friends, but also to take some
great workshops and private instruction given at Metalwerx! :-)))
Can’t wait, and have been humming “If I had a hammer”…

I would appreciate any suggestions for local exhibitions, galleries,
etc., which I could visit.

Keep shining and thanx,