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Boron copper

I recently read the November issue of AJM and found a company who
distributes Boron copper. I called them, and they only sell a
minimum of 50 lbs at $10.00/lb. I asked who I could buy from in
small quantity, as one of the companies they sell to (P.M
West) won’t sell it to me, and the owner didn’t know. Is this
some kind of a racket to keep people from making their own de-ox
alloys or what?

My reasons for wanting to make my own alloys is simply because I
like to. And also because I have this insatiable desire to know
everythi ng about anything, especially when it comes to jewelry.
Also, I’m under th e belief ( deluded maybe ) that I will better
understand how to reproduce a nd create alloys when I need them
rather than depending on someone else to supply me with them.

Am I wasting my time here? Isn’t it easier just to stock all of
the base metals needed for alloying and make the alloys as

they are necessary? The time it takes me to walk downtown is
more than it takes to alloy my own metals. Where do I gain in
buying from someone else?

Just the fact that they don’t want to sell me boron copper makes
me want to find it even more and stop buying anything from them
at all.

                    Peter Slone