Bordering hammer purpose?

I was wondering, what is the purpose for a bordering hammer? I
haven’t been able to find much talk of it online.

Paul Anderson

I use my bordering hammer a lot for texturing, fold forming, and
anticlastic raising.

Where Michael Good shows a crosspeen being used here:

a bordering hammer can also be used.

I will use a bordering hammer for very tight places - as my form
turns almost into a tube or spiculum.


Hi Paul:

Many hammers have all kinds of different names, which may (or may
not) have anything to do with what they’re actually used for.

Can you show us a picture of the hammer you’re talking about? (I
have a picture in my mind of a very odd looking “U” shaped hammer,
that’s essentially a midsized dapping punch on a very long “U” shaped
stalk. Is that what you’re talking about?)