Borax Slate

Ms.: “Throwing out” asbestos pads might be a crime in your state due
to the hazardous nature of asbestos. Might pay to check into your
laws, to perhaps avoid trouble in the future. The “Borax Slate” is
used with a hard, cone-shaped piece of borax. You put a few drops of
water in the depression of the slate and ‘grind’ the tip of the borax
cone to make a creamy paste of borax & water, to be used in
silver(gold as well) soldering metals, primarily in jewelry use. DON’T
THROW IT AWAY! it’s not illegal, just that the slates are hard to
find!. If you have no use for it, contact me & I’d pay $15.00 &
shipping for it. Take care, Jim Skladany.