Borax Flux versus?

What’s the consensus on borax flux vs. the many other (mostly
liquid) fluxes on the market ? I find the borax flux to be a pain to
use. It balls up, rolls away, makes gooey brown mess, and just
generally gets in the way of the joint I’m trying to make. I find it
very frustrating yet. Haven’t tried the liquid fluxes yet, but I have
some on the way (Battern’s and Prip’s). Any other flux suggestions to
try until I find my favorite ? Borax is cheap, but cheap is cheap.

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers


Handy paste flux works great. A small jar of it will last for ever
if kept sealed when not in use. I suggest you use one of the anti
fire scale fluxes on all surfaces of the item and a just a touch of
paste flux at the joint you are soldering,

Too much paste flux will wash away the anti fire scale flux from
around the joint and leave a purple coating of cuprous oxide.

Lee Epperson

Hi Brian,

Any other flux suggestions to try until I find my favorite? 

I use Cupronil exclusively and have done so for about 15 years, both
with silver and gold. Early on I tried both paste flux and Batterns
but didn’t like either.

I didn’t know this when I first tried Cupronil but it turns out that
it’s manufactured by a long-time Orchidian – Lee Epperson. That’s a
nice bonus :-).

Beth Rosengard