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Booth set

hi- does anyone know where you can mail order the Abstracta
system retail? Ordering from the company is wholesale only, and I
seem to remember they wanted you to order large amounts, far more
than one would need. I went to the ACC show in Atlanta this
weekend, and , after this thread, found that I spent a lot of
time eyeing displays as well as jewelry… I finally decided
that LIGHTING was the number one important factor. Several people
had wonderful (read expensive) hand crafted wooden cabinetry
displays, but lots of light flooding the space seemed to me to be
a big factor in the “draw” of a booth. IMHO, of course- :wink: Anne

Lighting is a good point. What suggestions do you all have
about lighting?

Joe w/Expressions With Metal

Anne, I saw Lance Kanabys display in Tucson. His lights are
great. Teresa

lighting is always a problem. Our two cents worth. We have started
using flourescent lighting in our tent. it provides higher quality
light without the glare and heat build. transporting these
fixtures is harder but a case built to fit them solves that
problem. What most people don’t consider is extension cords. My
husband the electrician is very adamant about using the correct
cords. You should invest in a least a 100’ 12 guage since a 100 10
guage is unavailable and a 50’ 10 guage(the smaller the number the
bigger the wire) if you are using a lot of electricity the you
should see an electrician about getting a special cord built. we
have seen more than one extension cord melt down at a show. we have
a tent with bracing in the top so we can get away with using shower
curtain hooks to run the wire around through. once the extension
cord reaches the tent we use one of those multiplug in switches
with the on/off switch on it. very convient to split you small
cords from and for turning off your lights with out having to
unplug things. if your extension cord must cross a drive a piece
of angle iron laid over (v up) the cord will save it from being
crushed. another point on lighting. while we use flouresents
overhead for spot lighting those small halagen goosneck lights are
great to aim on that special pieces or display. 'nuff said for now