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Booth question, table size


I’m considering craft shows (again). For a 10’ x 10’ booth, what size
tables do you have?

I’m considering two 6’ x 30" fold-in-half tables by Lifetime

I think using generic tables with fitted covers will be most
flexible; I can keep the display at the table top level, or use
"risers" and/or display cases to raise the merchandise up to the
customer, if desirable.

I won’t be selling high-end jewelry. My stuff will be (is!) fun and
inexpensive, made from fabric.

I’ve drawn a 10’ x 10’ booth to scale on graph paper and cut out
little table-sized rectangles, but even at that, I’m having a
difficult time imagining how much room there actually will be with
two tables.

Littleton MA

Hi Christine, what is really important is table height. You need
something high enough so that kids cannot get at your jewelry.

Vince LaRochelle

Designing making and selling your own work direct to the public is a
great adventure.

To me, it has 2 major advantages, 1. despite doing all the work you
make all the profit and control the whole operation, 2. you get to
meet te customer with its invaluable feed back. So what tables you
use really doesnt matter, a couple of lightweight doors on trestles
covered with a nice bed spread if just as good as any fancy fold up
device. the customer doesnt see the table anyway. Your booth and its
presentation is as important as the work itself. your boot says so
much about you, the way you work without you having to say anything.

It sells for you.

So depending on the craft fair size, duration total of public coming
in through the gates, you have to decide how you will play it.

If for example its a 4 day show, with a gate of say 4,000 people
then its worth pulling out all the stops.

If your product sells for say $10.00 each, then aim to sell to 1 in
10 of the gate. that will make you $1000 a day.

you must do your own numbers to decide wether the fair is worth your

Displays can go from one extreme to the other. from a hippe with
beads on a blanket on the ground at a pop festival, to an important
international fair lasting 10 days in a major city.

If your prepared to actually demonstrate making your work then you in
a better position to bargain for free space at the fair. Fair
organisers love demonstrators. If you eventually get to the top of
your craft, you become something very special. then you will be
invited and sponsored with all expenses paid to take part…

It can be done.

go for it.

Table size question, Christine I have a 10 x 10 booth and use 4
tables from K-Mart, Target etc. they are called fold up banquet
tables, and I don’t know the size, but 4 fit into my tent, with some
room left over for a small shelf for the credit card machine /
packaging etc. Eveyone has to do what is comfortable for them. I like
to have two tables on either side of the booth, and then I can stand
with my customers, or sit back if I want. I made a fitted cover for
each by using a 60 inch wide fabric that will go all around the
table, plus some extra. Then I folded it in half, cut end to cut end,
and with the cut ends together, and a fold on the other end, I sewed
up the selvege side, the long side. then I put that onto the table
with the seam running down the middle of the table, and sewed accross
each short end of the table. Leave an opening on one side so you have
a way to get under the table to store things. I use pvc on the legs
to raise the table up to the sweet spot, and then hem. some legs you
can use bed risers. Oh, and I use bungie cords to keep the legs
steady. If you know how to sew, you understand, if you don’t, here is
one more tip to understand, If you have a table 25 inches long, the
fabric will be over 50 inches long, and when you fold it in half, it
will be 25 inches long, plus what you need for the short width of the
table. Sew down one side, and put on the table, there will be points
sticking up on each end, sew them to fit the table.


The lifetime 2x4 folding tables are great and have multiple height


You can also consider slipping some lengths of PVC pipe onto the
bottom end your table legs to raise your table height. This doesn’t
work with all tables, but if you get tables with this in mind, it
surely is an easy and compact way to get the height you want. I can’t
photograph this for you, since I don’t use tables myself.


I can keep the display at the table top level, or use "risers"
and/or display cases to raise the merchandise up to the customer,
if desirable. 

Use risers.


Welcome to the world of craft fairs. I use an 8 foot table with a 4
foot table cross ways, this gives me plenty of table space, and I am
able to have a 2 foot area for chairs and whatever. For my necklaces
I have made a 3 way bifold. I took 2x2 and made three frames, these
are hinged together, and divided by 1x2 shelves. On each rack I have
a dozen hooks. This gives me a space that I can stretch the necklaces
out to show them off. It is heavy, but I am in my 7th year, and
considering it bounced out of my truck once, (going 60 mph) I am
pleased with the design. Also I find that every show is different,
what works for me at the Willow Friday market does not work on
Saturday at the Big Lake homestead market.

Blessings, pat
ps, there is nothing wrong with being a necklace kind of gal.v,j

I find the adjustable height tables from Sams’ work wonderfully -
they are 2’ x 4’, and raise to actual counter height - much better
for jewelry! Any depth over 2’ is really wasted with jewelry also. I
had custom covers made for mine that meet fire codes, and can hide
all my packing supplies underneath. Folks love the counter height,
and it really makes my booth stand out. The narrower width also
means they take up less space in the booth, making the booth seem
more open and inviting.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Hi Christine,

I use one 6’ table and 2 4’ tables. I put the 2 4 foot tables in the
front of my display and the 6 foot along one side. I also have the
large desk from Armstrong at the end of the 6 foot table that allows
me to store my packaging material, receipts, credit card machine,
etc. and where I have the customer pay for their items. This set up
gives 2 people plenty of room to move around and keeps people from
walking into the booth. When we want to exit, we go out through the
middle opening of my rear or side wall.


Hi Roxy and Christine

The one thing we females have to consider when setting up a booth is
how heavy are the tables and how are we physically going to be able
to do it. The fold up tables are great for this. But the tables made
from the hollow core doors are also light - if your vehicle will
take their size. A folding dolly is worth its weight in gold -
especially the kkind that converts to stand up (2 wheels) or lie down
(4 wheels). In fact anything wheeled is a good thing!!! Mind you I am
speaking from the point of view of one who is pushing 70, but I
advise you all to plan ahead when constructing your "off site"

Barbara - on a night when I can almost hear the grass growing and
the tractor hasn’t been changed from snowblower to grass cutter yet!

Hello Christine,

I also use 2’x4’ tables that I got from Walgreen’s (of all places!)
The legs are adjustable, and collapse into the back of the table,
which folds in half. Very space efficient. If you make your own table
covers, look for fabric that has stretch. The covers can stretch a
bit for a snug fit and you don’t have fabric flapping in the breeze.

Best of luck,
Judy in Kansas, where storm warnings are in effect!! We can use the rain,
but don’t care about the hail.

I’ll second Barbara’s comment on planning ahead! I keep my old
Suburban on hand just for shows, as my 4’ tables will fit across the
back cargo area perfectly. The hand truck comes apart and fits on top
of the tables. Very easy to load and unload, and I always get envious
looks for my hand truck! Had an older one I used for years that was a
bit shorter than this one, and fit under my tables. My new hand truck
is just long enough to NOT fit under the tables, and must be stored
otherwise - but it is stronger and carries more in one trip, so a
trade off. I try to do as little lifting as possible.

I LOVE my adjustable height tables - much prefer that over the
folding tables, and they work better when you hit one of those weird
shows like I have coming up where the booth size is 6 x 685 sheesh85
what are you supposed to do with that small a space???

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio