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Booth presentation


what would i do without orchid?! i feel like my posting frequency
has gone up by about 500% of late. i only hope that one day i can be
as much use to all the newbies as you have all been to me.

i’m about to apply for my first “show” and by that i mean a large
retail show that features many artists and designers over the course
of a weekend.

as part of the application (which is due monday because i found out
about this very late in the process), i am supposed to submit an
image of my “booth”. since this is my first show, i don’t have a
booth. i realize that i will need to have a booth, but i’m not
entirely sure what is typical, expected or suggested.

so the first question is, any suggestions on how i can put this
image together in a way that might not completely turn off the jury
committee? i have some interesting stands that i’ve made myself over
the years for a couple gallery shows that i’ve done, i can use
those, but if i don’t have a photo of an actual “booth”…

the second question is, assuming that i do get into the show, i have
about 3 months to assemble such a booth. i have some wild pie in the
sky dreams about custom cabinets on wheels that i would love to have
built, but i think that’s going to be a bit out of the price range
for my first show.

i’d love to hear any ideas that people have, how different people
have approached the problem, etc.

many many thanks in advance,



I am glad to see you making the plunge! There is a long learning
curve to doing art shows, but hopefully you will be a step ahead by
getting info here. Do you pass over all the ads that come before the
orchid text? One is for Bruce Baker, and he gives great info into
setting up your booth. Check out the DVD’s he has for sale, they are
worth it. Bruce Baker - Increase your sales!

While wood cabinets are swell, they are heavy and hard to transport
and set up. Some shows you have to cart all your booth to the site,
and can not just drive up and unload. So the KISS principle is
important, (Keep it Simple Stupid)! Getting pass a jury to get into
shows will be one of the biggest hurdles you will have to gap. Again
Bruce Baker has great advice. Usual disclaimers, no affiliation, just
a satisfied customer. He explains much of what is expected from an
artist. Start with smaller shows and get your feet wet, and don’t
expect to sell out. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Tom Parish
Heavy Lifter for Designs by Suz


For a first show - I’d advise looking for a show that has an
emerging artist category. They don’t expect great booth pix.

Then if you get in one, find a mentor that isn’t doing a show that
weekend, get them to help you and borrow their setup. You will learn
a lot working a show. The outdoor show is really tough to master
without some help at first. Do get Bruce Bakers set of cds on doing
shows His insite on applying to shows, booth
design and selling is invaluable.

Judy Hoch


Check out the CDs by Bruce Baker They are
only audio, so you don’t get a picture ideas, which I think would be
a great addition to the CDs, but his comments are right on.

I did see a photo in an old Crafts magazine of a booth that he
re-did, and it was truly astounding how a few simple principles
applied made such a difference.

He gives advice on the pros and cons of different fabric types for
the wall dividers, the importance of have things hanging at eye level
as much as possible, and a number of other critical rules of
merchandizing that will not only help you get into good shows, but
help you make sales once you are there.

I think the money was well spent for me. (I bought all 3 CDs, and
found each had valuable advice that I believe have improved my sales
in my shop - have not done a show lately.)

One thing he mentioned, that I felt was very important is, no matter
what the design, your booth should be light weight, easy to put up
and take down. Not only does this save your back, preserve your
clothing (from sweat) and save time, but it’s more likely to fit in
your car easily.

Sun Country Gems


Thanks so much!

I ordered the Bruce Baker CDs today, so even if they don’t help me
out in time for this application, at least i know i’ll be better
prepared for the next one. love the KISS principle and will
definitely stand by it if i happen to get into this one. fingers
crossed and i’ll definitely keep you updated:)