Booth displays pictures

I would like to upgrade my booth display to give it more pizazz. I
want it to look elegant but approachable, and to attract the
shopper’s eye. I have not been successful finding photos of jewelry
booths to look at for ideas. Money is a definite constraint, so I’m
trying to come up with ways to inexpensively yet elegantly present
my work.

I would love to have anyone who is willing send me a photo (small mb
size please!) of their booth, and would love to hear suggestions of
what has worked for others.

Thanks! Beth

Hanuman’s resopnse

It looks like the start of the BoothExchange program :-) </edit>

I am also interested in photos/ideas for booths. I have been invited
to participate in a show this December and have no idea what to do
about a booth that’s inviting and elegant. Any or ideas
would be greatly appreciated.


I’m trying to start on the craft-show circuit as well, and would
greatly appreciate seeing others’ booths, particularly if they come
with commentary on why and how certain things were done. Is there a
way we can create a “gallery” page for booths?


Is there a way we can create a "gallery" page for booths? 

I was never able to send in a work bench picture because I don’t
have one (nor a digital camera to take one with); but I do have a
booth picture that I’d be happy to share. What do you say, Hanuman?
Do you have time for this?


Ok folks, Let’s give it a try. Please send me your entries
for the BoothExchange and will take it from there. hanuman

Thanks Hanuman and Orchid for setting up the booth display section!
As the one who originally asked, I can tell you I have had numerous
off-list requests to forward whatever I get, so there is definitely
an interest in this. I also wonder whether anyone knows of a source
for used display equipment, used jewelry cases, etc.?

Beth from SC