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Booth display equipment pros and cons

I am just starting out in the outdoor juried art show arena and am
looking for advice on booth display systems to purchase. I have
researched both abstracta and dynamic display. The pros and cons look
to me like Abstracta is less expensive both to purchase and ship and
Dynamic Display is easier to set up. Can anyone out there provide
feedback on either one of these displays? I guess I am leaning toward
abstracta because it is less expensive to purchase and seems less
expensive to ship but I’m concerned that it’s really hard to set up.
I would love to have opinions from folks who actually use or have
used these systems.

Thanks so much!


I just got my OBrien showcases and really am impressed with the
quailty and the looks of these cases. v They were pretty slow, but
wonderful once they got there.


I just got my OBrien showcases and really am impressed with the
quailty and the looks of these cases. 

I Googled OBrian showcases, found nothing. More info?


Awhile back I used Abstracta cases. I loved it and hated it. I loved
the ability to make alterations to the display according to the
setting of the show. The look was clean and the black pieces were
easy to touch-up with spray paint. Shipping was easy. I used heavy
duty shipping tubes. But they were fairly heavy. The biggest
detraction was the time for set-up and break down being way too long
(I was doing the shows solo). I’m not familiar with Dynamic Display.

Hope this helps.

Megin Diamond Designs

Hi Noel,

I Googled OBrian showcases, found nothing. More info?


I have the Dynamic Display system. I have 3 of the double size. They
store in a very small space. I can set up the three with the cases
and skirts and 2 light strips per display in 15 minutes per display
unit. I do it alone all the time. If I have someone helping it takes
about 10 minutes per display but it’s easy to handle with no one
helping. Setting the glass top in takes the longest because you have
to tighten the little screws to hold the case pieces together.

Donna in VA 

These are pretty, but are they practical for art fair use?


The website for O’brien is the phone no is
541-773-2410 I too decided on their cases as opposed to the others
however I went with the bases by propanels using a couple desks and a
couple outdoor pedistals. If you are looking for an alternative for
cases that completely break down try go to the
pdf catalog on pg.14 for their component cases that can be put
together in a variety of ways.

Dave Owen

Hi Terri,

I guess I am leaning toward abstracta because it is less expensive
to purchase and seems less expensive to ship but I'm concerned that
it's really hard to set up. 

I have the abstracta and I find it not only easy to set up but
reasonable fast also. I just sort out my pieces by the design
element I am using, put the small pieces in baggies and then hammer
it all together.

jennifer friedman

A friend who does art fairs has been using them forever. He sells
high end jewelry which looks very nice in those cases. He and his
wife do shows and they are generally among the first away. So if you
travel by van or other land vehicle, I would say yes.

If you want to go by air Dynamic Displays works for me.

KPK These are pretty, but are they practical for
art fair use? 

I used the O’Brien showcases when I did shows. I had 4 oblong ones
about 2’ x 18" wide x 18" high or there abouts. Also one of the
little 1’ sq. 3 shelf small ones. I set them on tables. They are
fairly heavy but stackable in my van. I found them easier than
putting together the glass and clips that I had before. Since I was
usually by myself, just carting everything, putting my canopy up and
tables, etc. was about all I had time for. They do look nice.


Thank you for the -although these are nice, they aren’t
really what I’m looking for as they are a bit heavy. I am
specifically looking for feedback on Dynamic Display and Abstracta.
I was origially leaning toward abstracta, but now Dynamic Display’s
ease of set up is swaying my decision. I would love to know, between
the two, which you would recommend - Re: ease of use and shipping,
quality and look. I’m going for a clean upscale look for retail
shows. If anyone out there has an opinion, I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thanks so much,
Terri Lindelow

I use Abstracta, making 6 case units (each approx. 18"x24"x10"high)
and one 18" square counter unit for my craft fair display. I make a
line of 3 cases, a line of two, and a single case and single
counter. I also have two permanently put together earring racks,
which I transport with the plastic carded earrings on the racks,
inside fabric cases made for them.

It is a very versatile system in case of indoor shows with odd
dimensions. My set up time is close to two hours, and a bit less
than that for tear-down. Potters are often in their cars driving home
by the time I get out. But I can stand it, because I don’t do very
many shows per year, and my husband helps me set up most of them. He
is frugal, and has encouraged me to keep this system instead of
buying expensive Arizona cases, which would still require something
for bases. One thing that I would like to have is secure, locking
cases. But I get by with what I have okay. I get many compliments on
the appearance of the display. Please note: don’t get the chrome, get
the black pipes. My chrome ones have some rust spots now, and cannot
be touched up with spray paint. My canopy, Abstracta, rug, chair,
jewelry, tools & supplies all fit in my Taurus station wagon, full
only up to the windows. It gets better gas mileage than a van.

Yes, my outdoor booth is carpeted! It’s Soooo nice when a customer
drops a small piece of jewelry on the carpet instead of in the
grass! I nail the carpet to the earth with pole barn nails.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker