Ahmed said,

With over 500 titles on jewelry , prices 10% bellow published
and FREE GIFTS makes it the ideal place to buy your jewelry books
, magazines and E-zines.<<

Where are the books shipped from? Don’t want to pay 20% (book
cost) additional in shipping to save 10% on the book?


dear everyone,

i’m interested in selling two books by robert wooding: channel
setting diamonds and diamond setting. also a video by the same
author: pave. i watched the video once and the books are in great
condition. winner takes all for $60.00 plus shipping. i also
would like to sell an sand/beadblasting unit. it isn’t a pencil
type. similar ones go for 260.00. i 'll sell this one for half
that plus shipping. please e-mail me directly at:
@GeorgeDebbie. thanks, geo fox

You can always try Amazon to find any book on almost any subject
(they list one million titles), and they are good place to find
things that are rare or out of print. I personally have ordered
several books from them and they arrive in just a few days.

Addy is:

Melissa James
Office Manager
Tim Roark Imports

If anyone is looking for Arline Fisch book Textiles in Metal, I loved
it so much, I bought it a couple of times. Cover price $26.95 plus
tax. Will take $30.00 including postage, or I will happily trade it
for Arline Fisch book from her recent exhibit.


Congratulations to some fellow Orchidians, Loren Damewood, Dianne
Karg, Pat Moses-Caudel, and Mark Case Sr.

I attended the Culver City Gem and Mineral Society’s annual show
this last weekend. there I met up with a favorite and delightful
friend Corrine Gurry “The Wire Wizard Lady.” I enjoy Corrine
especially her enthusiasm for working with wire. Corrine is a
Silversmith and is now incorporating Precious Metal Clay with her

During our chat, I was looking over two books she was featuring,
Mark Larreau’s “All Wired Up,” and Barbara A. McGuire’s “Wire in
Design.” Loren, Dianne, Pat, and Mark’s works appear in these books
as well as Corrine’s.

Of course I bought both, and do recommend them to anyone interested
in working with wire.

It is great to see list members getting the recognition they
deserve, again congratulations.