Books on setting!

There is one BIG problem. Just been thinking, this whole idea goes totally against my original thought. My essays are given & written for “free”. Not everyone on Orchid can afford such a collection of books. I want my “few years of experience” to be donated either to a library or jewellery organization.

The idea of putting everything into a PDF file seems a better route to take. A “book” goes against my whole idea!
When I wrote my 15 essays for the “Bench” and “AJM” magazines. There was no payment, when I’m now writing for the “FSG” newsletter in Florida, again, no fee is required.

If a school wants me to donate my time in writing, that is my gift to them, agree?..:slight_smile:

So let’s all put aside the book idea…please!

BTW, all of my essay-writing has never been plagiarized from other sources…GNL.