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Books on Repoussage & Chasing?

I am looking for a book(s) on Repoussage and Chasing or a
school/class on these topics in the North Carolina or East coast
area…I have Oppi Untracht’s book, but would like to find others.

Try ‘Moving Metal’ from Blue moon Press:

Tom, if New York City isn’t too far north for you, I absolutely must
recommend Valentin Yotkov Studio. Valentin is a master at his craft -
go have a look at I took classes with him a couple
of years ago. If you do so, you will not be disappointed.

Gail Middleton
Brooklyn, NY

There is a book written by Marcia Lewis . I can’t remember the title
and although it was published in the last ten years, I think that it
is out of print. I was in a workshop she taught at Arrowmont a few
years ago and learned a lot. Her personal work is great!

Marilyn Smith

I can highly recommend Valentin Yotkov, a master at chasing and
repoussee. He teaches in NJ and Brooklyn, NY. You can reach him at
718/852-8640 or email: Sorry that I can’t recommend
any books. Gini in FL

I’ve got a nice little book by Marcia Lewis, head of the awesome
jewelry/metals program at Long Beach City College in Southern
California. Some day I’m going to attend one of her classes. Anyway,
the book is called “Chasing - Ancient Metalworking Technique With
Modern Applications”, Second Edition. It looks like she published it
herself and can be contacted at


There is not much out there on chasing and repousse.

I have a partially written book under very slow way. There are one
or two old texts with decent sections on it. Rumor has it Valentine
Yotkov is working on one. His website is heRe:

Marcia Lewis has a book on chasing, I spotted a copy heRe:

and Brain Press sells the ‘Moving Metal’ one as well (I helped
translate chunks of it). It is oriented to large scale work, wall
reliefs, doors. There is good on small chasing as well,
and he used interesint tricks like air hammers and working on

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