Books on jewellery manufacturing and refining

Hello all,

We at IIGJ Mumbai India are looking for books on the jewellery
manufacture & refining along with the metallurgy & studio chemistry.
We are also looking to buy videos which can be used as teaching aids
for students who are beginners & industry students.

Warm regards

Interesting question. It may be that a set of the Santa Fe Symposium
reference books would be a base for a more technical library. I am
not aware of a book or books dedicated to mass jewelry manufacturing
techniques. These processes are more adaptations of standard
industrial sheet metal techniques and equipment. The reference is
more machine shop then studio. That changes when you get to casting
but somebody else will have to take that subject on. Of course, Tim
McCreight’s, Complete Metalsmith Pro, and a number of other
Brynmorgen Press books are essential. Mark Grimwade’s, Introduction
to Precious Metals, for the metallurgically adapt on inept. Of
course, Oppi Untracht’s, Metal Techniques for Craftsmen. Other