Books on chain making

Hi Benoit, I am a relative newbie but eager lurker on the list. I
recently bought a great little book at Barnes and Noble, of all
places, on making silver chains. It’s got about 12 different chain
patterns, and although geared towards beginners at first, moves on
into more complex designs later. It’s very heavy on color photos, and
all in all, just a nicely presented piece of work. The book is called:

Making Silver Chains: Simple Techniques, Beautiful Designs by Glen F.

published by Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.
387 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10016 ISBN: 1-57990-183-2

here’s an amazon link:

hope that works, otherwise just search them for the title, they’ve
got it.

It starts out with basic techniques for making trace chains, then
moves into how to make and shape curb chains, then moves into multiple
link wiggly type chains, and twisted link complex items. I’m finding
it quite enjoyable, but it may be a little low-brow for you.