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Books on (casting) investments

Hi folks:

I have a list of books on casting investments which I need to buy.
Unfortunately, most of the books are out of print. If anybody have two
copies of any of these books or do not need that book as you have mastered
it (just kidding!!) and willing to part with that book for a nominal price,
please let me know. You can also let me know of
a. any other source from which I could buy these books and b. any other book
on casting investments which is not included in this list. Thanks in

Kayce Chidambaram Ph.D.
Principal R&D Chemical Engineer
The Bell Group
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque NM 87121-1962
Tel: (505) 839-3523
Fax: (505) 839-3525


  1. What Is Investment Casting? Investment Casting Institute (1990)
    ISBN:1560610476 (B&N) $ 3.50/5.50
  2. Investment Casting, P.R. Beeley & R.F. Smart, Institute of Materials
    (1995) ISBN: 0901716669 (Amazon) $ 160
  3. Investment Casting, Henry Thomas Bidwell, XXXXX () ASIN: 0853331960
    (Amazon) $ ?
  4. Investment Casting Handbook, Investment Casting Institute (1997) ISBN:
    1560610492 (Amazon) $ 9.95/19.95
  5. Handbook on Investment Casting Process, American Foundrymens Society
    (1993) ISBN: 0874331560 (B&N) $?
  6. Lost Wax Investment Casting, C.W. Ammen, XXX () ASIN: 0830677259
    (Amazon) $?
  7. Lost Wax Casting of Jewellery: An Introduction to Investment Casting,
    Keith Edwards, XXXX () ASIN: 0263054896 (Amazon) $?
  8. Handbook of Lost Wax or Investment Casting, Sopcak, Gembooks (1986)
    ISBN: 0935182284 (Amazon) $ 4.50
  9. Basic Elements of Feeding Investment Castings, T.V. Rama Prasad, XXX ()
    ASIN: 0874331706 $?
  10. Designs and Uses of Investment castings, Investment Casting Institute
    (1990) ISBN:1560610344 (B&N) $ 3.50/5.50
  11. Atlas of Casting Defects, Investment Casting Institute (1990)
    ISBN:1560610077 (B&N) $ 35/70
  12. Investment Casting: Case Histories and Applications, Investment Casting
    Institute (1997) ISBN:1560610565 $ 3.50/5.50
  13. Investment Casting Industry Directory, Investment Casting Institute
    (1990) ISBN:1560610328 (B&N) Free/$ 15.00
  14. Electrohydraulic Removal of Ceramic Shell and Cores from Castings:
    Research Report, XXX () ASIN 0874331269 $ ?
  15. Feasibility of Reclaiming Shell Material from Investment Castings, Diane
    Publishing Company (1993) ISBN: 1568067658 (B&N) $ ?.
  16. Investment Casting Waxes, American Foundrymens Society (1988) ISBN:
    9999829007 (Amazon) $ 50
  17. Materials Handbook, G.B. Bradley & H.R. Clauser, McGraw-Hill (1997)
    ISBN: XXX, $ ?
  18. Metals Handbook, Metals Park, American Society of Metals (1990) ISBN:
    XXX, $ ?

Kayce – you might check out some of the online book finders, such a and and



There are good books on jewelry casting by Murray Bovin and by Sharr
Choate. I believe the Bovin book is still in print and can be
ordered from the major jewelry suppliers. The Choate may be out of
print, but you could probably find it at


     any other source from which I could buy these books and b. any
otherbook on casting investments which is not included in this list.

Have you done any net searches for used book sellers?? I have had
great luck with . Found books on dairy, milk,
cheese that were printed in 1890’s to 1940’s. Price was very good,
service was good too.

John Dach
MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Cynthia Thomas Designs

The best way to find some of these books is thru:

The best source for current Science based will be down
the hall at The Rio Grande Santa Fe Symposium proceedings. Particularly
the up coming one looks very interesting.

Also you can subscribe to the ASM international on-line service
Which I think is to metalurgy what Medline is to medicine. (I’m too
poor for this) The ASM booklist will contain some recent material.

Most of the older ( 10 years +) published stuff will be based on
derived from experience rather than with modern
instrumentation that can more properly show what is going on.


Dear Kayce:

Have you checked with rhe University book store, or the off campus
book stores that katter to the used used books for campus classes? If
the local University has a jewelry class they should have books
pertaining to all phases of jewery making. The other places i have
looked into before arethe first edition and rare book stores. Usually
they are very helpfull in tat if they don’t have what you are looking
for they will use their computer powers to try and find you a copy of
what you are looking for. At least they do here in small town Lufkin,
Texas USA. I certainly think that big Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
would have at least one of these specalty book stores. If you don’t
have one, try serching the web for first edition, out of print and
remainder book suppliers. Just a thought, as I have had to go this
route before and have found them to very helpfull in the past.
Especiallly on hard to find books, it’s what they do and most love the

Richard Blahnik
Lufkin, Texas

Hi Kayce,

You might try They’ve got reprints of lots of old
books on many subjects. I know they’ve got some on casting, but
whether or not any are what you’re looking for I don’t know.


The best source on the net for used books is

A search for title “Investment Casting” returned about 15 titles and
I’m pretty sure that at least one of them was on your list.

If you don’t find them all, I suggest going to and
creating a “want list”. After you create the list, they will match it
every night against all of the new books added to the database and
send you daily email showing all the new matches. The service is
fantastic (if you are mostly concerned with finding those impossible
titles, or deadly (if you are mostly concerned about your checkbook

Best of luck finding your books.


Tom Colson

Kayce, in addition to the other resources listed for finding used
books (or any books), try ,,, - hope these aren’t
duplicates - I’m just going on memory as to what has already been
mentioned - good luck.

Kayce, I have been on Orchid just a short time and welcome the
opportunity to simply give back some of the I have found
here. Many people in the past have listed thier favourite ways to
track down books online. Here are the bookfinders that I have
compiled: (thanks fellow Orchidians) Craft Books, I might add Rio Grande or
other trade suppliers, but I suspect that if there is an extra copy
there you would already have it. :o) Happy Searching. Paul from
Kansas where my daughter is sleeping and
I am catching up on my Orchid list.