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Books on Amber

There are several good books on Amber…

James Marker from the GIA Library here. I’m back after lacking
email access while GIA moved to it’s new
campus in Carlsbad, California. This is from page 2 of the
current GIA Bookstore catalog:

AMBER: Window To The Past
D. Grimaldi, 216pp, 1996
Amber, prized across cultures for its incandescent beauty,
has long been used in jewelry and other decorative objects.
The first comprehensive, lavishly illustrated treatment of the
subject, this fascinating book explores the various roles and
uses of amber, in nature as well as in art. Catalog to exhibition
at the American Museum of Natural History.
230 illus. - 115 in color. - 3lbs. 8oz. - 0201003 - $49.50

A. Dahlstrom and L. Brost, 144pp, 1996
Amber has been one of humankind’s favorite decorations and
personal adornments throughout the ages. This book explains
in an entertaining and nontechnical way how amber is formed
and describes its geologic setting in the Baltics and elsewhere.
While exploring the role amber plays in the folklore of many
cultures, it provides practical advice on how to care for amber
jewelry, how to use it for lapidary purposes, and how to detect
fakes. 0201002 - $27.00

C. Beck and S. Shennan, 232pp, 1991
Oxbow archaeological monograph. Complete catalogue with
discussion of British amber in its European context. Line drawing.
2lbs. 1oz. - 0201380 - $36.00

Thanks I will look at the library and the barnes and noble and
hope they can help also The guy sink something as he might have
something in his book. But thanks for the help anything I can
find will be worth the effot not to ruin and piece…