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Books idea 4 book review


A news writer stopped by my studio and we started talking about my
collection of trade specific books. My excitement over them must
have intrigued him because he suggested that I write a book review
on a jewelry related book for his paper. He had no recommendation
of what book or group of books I should write on but that they
needed to have a consumer level focus as opposed to an industry or
trade focus.

So how about it, orchidians? Are there any good books that you
would recommend for a consumer to read? I hope to find ones that
are general in nature and who’s focus is to excite and educate
consumers but if your favorite is a coffee table book on a great
master, I’d be interested in that, too. If they are relatively
recent books it would help.

I feel a little out of my element as I don’t read these type of
books. But surely there are some really good ones out there.


Larry, You might want to check the following:

Collectible Silver Jewelry Identification & Value Guide by Fred
Rezazadeh Published by Collector Books a Division of Schroeder
Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN 1-57432-188-9

Its a table top book which lists: A brief description of various
types of jewelry making techniques. What to look for when buying
jewelry. Jewelry from several countries and locations. A brief resume
of artists and their hallmarks. It is very well illustrated with
photographs of a great wide range of styles and techniques.

good luck

Are there any good books that you would recommend for a consumer
to read? 

Hi Larry, I picked up a book (well, several, actually) from one of
the booksellers at the SNAG conference, and it might be in the vein
of what you seek. Knowing you work in high karat gold and platinum,
it might not appeal to you personally, but I’ll toss it out there.

_North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment: From Prehistory to the Present. By Lois Sherr Dubin. Published 1999 by Harry N. Abrams,
Inc., Publishers. ISBN 0-8109-3689-5. Hardcover, 608 pages, $75 USA,
$110 Canada.

This book is about the size and heft of Oppi Untract’s Jewelry: Concepts And Technology, if that gives you and idea, but that’s not
how books are measured. This is a truly gorgeous book, and amazingly
comprehensive. Full of gorgeous new photos and many historic photos.
The book is organized by geographical groupings, and covers
everything from clothing, textiles and headdresses to beadwork and
jewelry. It does a great job of putting contemporary work in
perspective with its traditional roots.

Well… I don’t want to write the review for you! :wink: If you don’t
want to buy the book, or can’t get it through the library (very
questionable), you can borrow my copy. I’ve got to go through the
Raleigh area on my way to the coast sometime this month… I could
probably drop it off.

Let me know!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi Larry, One of my all time favorite books about jewelry is Ettagale
Blauer’s “Contemporary American Jewelry Design.” Unfortunately, it
is out of print but . . . I did find a few used copies available
through Bookfinders, Amazon, etc. If you wrote it up, maybe it would
encourage Van Nostrand Reinhold to reissue.

The reason I recommend it so highly besides the multitude of
glorious full-color photos is that it provides an extremely readable
history of th e development of the contemporary crafts movement in
America including the origin of the craft show beginning with
Rhinebeck, a look at the seminal crafts galleries of our time, and an
overview of many of the most influential teachers of contemporary
jewelry. While it is not quite encyclopedic and does overlook some
artists and schools of design, it nevertheless remains a beautiful
and informative book that could be enjoyed equally by consumer and