Books from Europe?

Irene From wrote eight books (
and I’ve already bought the one that was translated into English.
Now I want to buy “Flere Smykker fra Vikingetid og Nutid Du selv kan
lave” (roughly: Viking and modern jewelry that you can make). It has
an ISBN and is currently in print–from a Danish publisher, which
means it’s not listed in Books in Print. The big booksellers can’t
order it, because their databases are based on BIP.

I’m trying to borrow the book through InterLibrary Loan, but the
librarian seemed doubtful.

Are there stores that specialize in jewelry books from Europe?


Flere Smykker fra Vikingetid og Nutid Du selv kan lave 

I tried searching for this in, but there were no
matches. You might find it if you searched there under the author -
I got a long out-of-print book from them written in German and
published in Denmark that I’d been hunting for years.


Dear Janet Yang I’m sure you could order it from the Danish
Publishers, Aschehoughs Forlag. I do not have their address / e-mail
right here, but give me a mail, if you want to follow that track. I
have the book, but it mainly contains “recipees” for idiot’s delight
type chains, some of them even the same as in her first book. Only
reason I don’t want to part from it is my students. Personally I
think it is too much “hobby” and too little goldsmithing/jewellery
work. If all other fails, I am willing to buy and post it. Regards
from Bornholm, where today the snow is pouring down, allthough it
ought to be spring. Niels

Charon Kransen in NY is THE source for jewelry and design
books–especially those from Europe which are probably impossible to
get (or even find out about) otherwise. You can request that he
email you a list of the books he has. I have spoken with him–and
he was happy to have his name included on this site. His email
address is:

He did say that he is constantly updating the list, so keep that in
mind if you are interested in a book that isn’t on the list when you
get it.

Carolyn B.