I just got my copy of Collectible Silver Jewelry, Identification and
Value Guide by Fred Rezazadeh after reading Pat’s recommendation on
Orchid. I only paid $24.44 including shipping and it is Soooo well
worth the money. I recognize at least four fellow Orchidites in the
chapter titled Current and Upcoming Silversmiths. Alphabetically they
aRe: Sandra Buchholz, Pat Moses-Caudel, Amy O’Connell, and Dave
Stephens. There are a few other familiar names although I’m not
certain I’ve seen them on Orchid. So if any other Orchidians are
featured in the book, sign in and let us know.


Annette: Thanks for mentioning the Collectible Silver Jewelry Book. I
also thought that Fred Rezazadeh did a wonderful job and was pleased
to be included. Sandra