[Book] The Work of a Master Goldsmith

The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection - by James Miller

I have just received my copy of James Miller’s book and I have been
blown away by what he has made during his career, so I thought I
would write and tell you all, as James is a bit modest about his
achievements. The book’s first ten pages explain James’s work and
training history and then the next 145 pages are filled with colour
photos of his work. I think people will

be surprised that this type and quality of work is still being
manufactured and sold, many of the pieces shown could easily be
taken for newly discovered antiques from the workshops of the Russian
masters. I could go on for ages praising this book as I have looked
through the book five times now and each time I find something new
that surprises me. I you get a chance, please take a look at this
book and I am sure you to, will be pleasantly surprised. Now I will
have to find an excuse to meet up with James and get my copy of his
book signed. I think I am going to make myself a nice cup of coffee
and have another look through my new book.

Regards to all, Jackie in Guildford,

The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection
by James Miller

I too am getting excited waiting for my book to arrive, I ordered it
last year and as it has to get to Australia I expect it to be a
couple more weeks, and yes James is way to modest to take all the
pats on the back he deserves.

Christine in the Ridge.

The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection
by James Miller

I have also just received my copy of James book and have read it
about a dozen times. I concur with everything that Jackie says about
it. I have stopped referring to him as a master goldsmith and now as
THE master.

I recommend this book to all jewellers and goldsmiths to act as
inspiration and as a target for us to aim for.

I hope that he will now as mentioned in this forum write a companion
book on techniques and bench tips.

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland

Oh Yes Indeedy! A companion book of techniques and bench tips from
James Miller would be an absolute must for me, with a special section
on making simple tools out of odd bits and pieces.

James, I do hope you’ll undertake this project.

Jane Walker

Today I read the comments by James Miller on cracked solder joints,
as usual his tips are logged in my memory.

James asks if anyone has comments on his book “The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection”.

Well I have just purchased two more copies from Amazon, they are
going to be Christmas presents for my dad and my uncle. I must admit
that I use the book as an inspiration to my ideas when I am designing
as the contents of the book are a collection of “Unique” goldsmithing
creations. They are mostly one off creations and are probably never
going to be displayed together, other than in this book.

I do not expect to ever be able to create items such as are in the
book, but looking through the book I can see what wonders can be
made from metals. At the moment I am trying to design and make some
brooches of animals in semi relief, I had a commision to make a
silver back gorrilla brooch a while back and had to call on some
help from James as it was really beyond my skills, but now I am
determined to learn the techniques of carving metals. If you have not
seen James Miller’s book, may I suggest that it would be a fine
Christmas present for yourself, I believe it is available on Amazon
and other booksellers online, just google the title. Thanks to all
who write on this forum, it is a great help to us who are just
learning techniques of this wonderful craft.

Jackie in a wet England.