[Book] The making of tools

Tool Steel and the making of tools. The best single source book which
I know if dealing with this subject

  • THE MAKING OF TOOLS by Alexander G. Weygers Published by Van
    Nostrand Reinhold Company. The I S B N is as follows 0 442-29360-7 in
    paper or 0 442-29361-5 in cloth back. I have worked as a millwright
    for nearly 30 years and have fabricated my own tools as well as
    modified tools for specialized applications BUY THIS BOOK. - I have
    no monetary interest in any of the above. Robert at Tex-Eclectic

Ahem, Brain Press does carry this book, which is now even better
because it is along with two of his other books. Here is the

The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander Weygers. This single
volume is a compilation of his three important, superb books on
blacksmithing. Essential reading for a goldsmith and jeweler. The
first, ‘The Making of Tools’ teaches how to make all kinds of tools
from steel and even scrap metals, discusses design, sharpening,
hardening and tempering and more. Dozens of tips and techniques are
covered. Great for those interested in making chasing tools, punches,
chisels, hammers, stakes and more. The second book included is "The
Modern Blacksmith’, which demonstrates clearly the basic tools and
techniques a blacksmith uses. Correct hammer and body motions for
forging are discussed, making pliers, hardware and ‘constructing
something out of nothing’. The last text included is ‘The Recycling,
Use, and Repair of Tools’ which has lots of step by step repair
sequences for all kinds of hand tool repairs. The illustrations are
really, truly, great. Provides a good introduction to basic
blacksmithing and has enough in it to keep a professional
blacksmith happy. The hardening and tempering is accurate
and clear. 299 pages, soft cover, hundreds of lovely drawings. $19.95

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