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[book] The Art of Jewelry Making is a must have!


‘The Art of Jewelry Making’ by Alan Revere is a veritable bargain at
any price. This book is yet another volume by Mr… Revere which should
be in every artist’s library regardless of their discipline or the
level of their proficiency. Thoughtfully designed, well presented
visually, and thoroughly informative; as with all of Alan’s work - it
is worth its weight in gold. (24kt of course) Alan’s introduction, and
the 15 pages on tools and procedures alone are worth the purchase
price. I found it to be very insightful reading and pondering the
statements of the various artists regarding their work and their
attitudes towards jewelry making and art in general. The illustrations
and explanations of the 25 projects and the techniques featured are
an invaluable reference and even if one doesn’t utilize all of these
procedures in their own work, the of how and why other
artists design and create as they do should be required reading. Buy
this book (because I won’t lend you my copy) and I am sure you will
want to recommend it as well. Peace and prosperity to all,
Michael David Sturlin