Book Synopsis #3

Charles Lewton-Brain, 79pp, 1994
The homemade and alternative tools, short cuts, and bench tricks
described in this book could save you money and speed up your
production time as well as your understanding of goldsmithing. Lots of
drawings and capsule reviews of great sources round out this book.
Paperbound - 1lb. 4oz. - 0204146 - $24.95

CHASING: Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications
Marcia Lewis, 72pp, 1994
Using straight-forward text, photographs of work by leading artists in
the field, and clear, self-explanatory illustrations, the author
presents to students the equivalent of a specialized workshop on the
chasing of metal. Designed to keep on the workbench, it provides a
constant and invaluable reference and review source. Also contains
sources and suppliers, tool making tips, and a gallery of pieces for
inspiration. Spiralbound - 1lb. 2oz. - 0204220 - $19.95

Jean Stark, 200pp, 1996
Over the last ten years, many designers have been inspired by jewelry
of the ancient world including classical loop-in-loop chains. This
book accomplishes three principal objectives: it clearly explains the
techniques, providing novices with sufficient to pick up
skills quickly; demonstrates how to make all the classical chain
types; and shows how to make interesting contemporary derivatives of
classical designs. Paperbound - 200 line illus. and 20 halftone illus.

  • 0204216 - $39.95

F. Liban and L. Mitchell, 256pp, 1980
Written by two veteran jewelry designers, this book offers a
comprehensive step-by-step guide to tools, materials and processes
required to create shimmering, gem-like cloisonne enamels and
settings. More than 150 detailed illus. and photographs. 1lb. 8oz. -
0204151 - $9.95

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I noticed a book on enameling in this list. My partner Ron and
I are purchasing a used kiln. Does anyone know where mail order
supplies can be found? We work in silver, copper, and brass with
semi preciouse stones. What is the best metal to use? Does
anyone do jewelry shows from their home? We do this
part-time,but we are trying to develope a healthy following and
would eventually like to develope a business on line with a
catalog. KAR(karen)