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Book Synopsis #16

Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba, 144pp, 1993
Teaches advanced techniques through 20 projects designed for the
progressive designer. This translated Japanese text was written as
part of the curriculum of the Lost Wax Courses of the Japan Jewelry
Craft School. Spiralbound - 1lb. 10oz. - 0204091 - $29.95

Loosli, Merz, Schaffner, 164pp, 1982
Developed in Europe to document the apprenticeship system for learning
the jeweler’s trade, this book illustrates the indispensible exercises
that must be carried out to perfect working procedures and use of each
tool. The methodology is remarkable for its adaptability, leaving the
individual reader free to devise and work out exercises in the light
of the master’s ideas and the apprentice’s imagination. 2lbs. 5oz. -
0204203 - $90.00

SCRIMSHAW: The Whaler’s Legacy
Martha Lawrence, 227pp, 1993
Scrimshaw has always evoked the romance and mystique of the great age
of sailing. Martha Lawrence’s research covers every facet of the art
of scrimshaw, from its origins on whaling ships, to the daily life of
the sailor/scrimshander. 494 color photos. - 3lbs. 12oz. - 0204095 -

Walter Zeiss, 124pp, 1984
A valuable source of advanced techniques for the experienced setter.
Offers illustrations as well as detailed classifications. Includes
instruction on the fabrication and uses of specialized pliers,
punches, gravers, burrs and jigs. - 1lb. 5oz. - 0204094 - $49.95

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