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hi Does anyone know of a good book on stone setting. It needs to be
very basic, and for a beginner.Thanks Mackenzie Pierce

    hi Does anyone know of a good book on stone setting. It needs
to be very basic, and for a beginner.Thanks Mackenzie Pierce 

Robert Wooding has written several good books on diamond setting.
They are great for beginners. He has written “Diamond Setting”,
“Channel Setting Diamonds” and “Bead Setting Diamonds”. He also has
a video of Diamond Setting.

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Does anyone know of a good book on stone setting. 

Nope. And I have a few. :wink: Some may respond with what they feel is
the best, or their favorite book on stone setting… but I have yet
to find what I consider to be a good one. I think its one of those
skills you have to be shown and tutored on. Subtle things like how
you hold the work and your flex-shaft and gravers are hard to convey
in writing.

The books tend to focus on the mechanics of what’s happening to
stone and metal… which is important to know, but they tend to leave
out the human factor. Having an experienced “coach” adjust your
posture or head position for improved ergonomics and better control
is a big plus. In stone setting, seeing it done and being able to ask
questions is infinitely more valuable than reading about it.

I know its a stretch for a lot of people, but if it is at all
possible, I would encourage you to attend one of Blaine Lewis’ stone
setting classes at the New Approach School for Jewelers in Virginia
Beach. What you’ll pick up in a five day course there is more than
you’ll get in five years of on-and-off trial and error with a book.

Several books by Robert Wooding are considered fairly standard text.
I also have one entitled Master Stonesetting by Gerald Wykoff. Most
general jewelry making books have a decent (overview) section on
basic stone setting… the stone setting books just go into it in
greater detail.

Just an afterthought… videos. Blaine Lewis and Alan Revere both
have outstanding videos. Blaine’s are specifically stones setting
(and includes a kit of “goodies”). Alan’s are project oriented, but
several also include stone setting aspects.

Man… I just came in to get a disk for my digital camera. Now its
half an hour later… back to work with me!

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My two cents on Setting books.

Only a few are available in English and none are good enough. I have
yet to see one that met my expectations as far as content and
quality. Which leads to this:


This is the first public announcement of my new series on Stone
Setting which will begin appearing in JCK next year. These will be
project oriented and visually very clear. My first series, in the
1980’s on Practical Goldsmithing led to my book Professional

The second series in the 1990’s on Repair led to Ring Repair and
others still in the works.

Who knows where this Setting series will lead. Alan

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Try the books by Robert R. Wooding. Many libraries have the older
basic books like “Diamond setting: the professional approach”. But,
he has a new, updated spiral bound book available from most of the
tool catalogs I have seen: “The diamond setting manuel”. His videos
are very helpful, too.

Diamond setting: the professional approach:

Good luck

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I have a book by Gerald L. Wykoff, The techniques of Master
Stonesetting, that is very comprehensive. He is a facteror, chapters
on gemstone characterics. Bead setting, prongs, bezels, and a chapter
on equipment including inexpensive plating equipment, which I never
noticed until this review.


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I think that the Wooding books may be the best texts out there…
But the problem I see w/ most setting books is that they primarily
address diamonds as opposed to colored stones. While the principles
may be pretty much the same, the nuances of finishing, the actual
setting process and the relative fragility of diff. gem
materials–not to mention varying pavilion configurations, "bellies,
symmetries, etc.-- make setting colored stones a different animal. I
have yet to see a book address this in any depth. Perhaps “Setting
Color” would be a good title…

With that said, Blaine Lewis’s setting video is very, very good.
He speaks to many of these things in clear and concise words and in
a non threatening manner. I’d put my money into these tapes. Of
course, videos are not very handy for quick reference, so taking
notes is probably not a bad idea.

Andy Cooperman

Another avenue you could take is going to Blaine Lewis’ New Approach
School for Jewelers… He is by far the best teacher in the U.S. He
has a state of the art school and his teaching methods are second to
none. Everything he teaches is in such an easy and interesting way…
I have been to New Approach twice and I will go back for more… I
took the advance stone and the platinum fabrication courses and they
were to say the least awesome… I know you are on the hunt for
books, but a week with Blaine Lewis in his class is worth a hundreds
times more than a book… Marc Williams, marccogold.com

In addition to the Wooding books and Gerald Wykoff’s Master
Stonesetting, there is a translated German book that has some good
on setting. It’s by Walter Zeiss and is titled Setting
of Gemstones.


I have tried to read just about every stone setting book I could get
my hands on, both new and old text from English and European authors
and as far as I am concerned Robert Wooding books (Bibles) are by far
the most complete works to date on the subject. I have read the
Pave’ book so many times that the hardbound cover is unrecognizable.
All three books are clearly illustrated with photos and step by step
instructions. At $29.95 each, they are truly a great value.

Blaine Lewis,
New Approach School for Jewelers
3500 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 309
Virginia Beach, VA 23452