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[book] Start & Run a Profitable Retail store

Can you tell I read a lot? If I think the book is awesome I push
people to get it and if I can buy it as a distributer, I’ll buy
30-100 at a time so I can be the seller (yeah America!). Any way the
book I posted “Start & Run a Profitable Retail store” is a must and I
carry it.

Another jeweler recommended this advertising book and I’m 80%
throught it and this is a MUST READ for retailers. The title:

The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising by Michael Corbett, ISBN

I have read Ogilvy on Advertising and must have 8 books on all types
of advertising. This is THE BOOK! It tells it all in a nutchsell,
specifically how to figure out how much advertising you will NEED to
spend, how many people to expect, how to figure if your advertssing
is working and holding it accountabela nd what to tell the accounting
reps from Radio, newspaper, etc.

I have posted that people I spoke to last year who did very weel did
so because they:

A. Trained their staff, and

B. Advertised consistently all year long on more than one medium.

This book confirms that and tells you how.

I am going to see if I can stock this book but for now you need to
go to and get it. It’s only $14.95 plus shipping.

If you don’t like the book, I’ll buy it back from you. It is a must

David Geller