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[Book] Setting of Gemstones


Hi -

I have tried unsuccessfully to locate a book titled “Setting of
Gemstones” by Walter Zeiss - printed in Germany 1984. This
book has a red cover - I am working with one - on loan. It
would be nice to have a copy of the book rather than a xerox

I tried a search on the internet and Borders locally gave me a
toll free # of National Independent (? I think is the name) and
they have not replied with any success yet. Haven’t seen it in
any current catalogs.

Does anyone know any sources of hard to find books for our
trade? Thanks ahead. Cynthia


I have tried unsuccessfully to locate a book titled “Setting of
Gemstones” by Walter Zeiss - printed in Germany 1984.


You may have to request that they assist you.

Hope it helps.


You can find this book in the GIA book catalog 800-421-8161.


Hi Cynthia, I once subscribed to the GZ (Goldschmiede Zeitung)
magazine. I ordered Walter Zeiss’ book Setting of Gemstones from
it. There website is I think you may even be
able to order it from website. Does anyone know how make a web
address in an email so it a link. Thanks. Good Luck. Vince
LaRochelle, Eugene, OR.


A neat bookstore in our area is on-line at, and they will search for a book
for you. All special orders are 20 or 30% off (don’t remember),
or sometimes (esp. if you allow more time) it’ll be there usual
discount price.

Amazon will also search for used and/or out of print books.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any industry specific search



Cynthia- Here is an E-mail address and telephone number for the
Book Exchange. They have a large inventory of out of print books
and antique ones. They are out of Corning NY. I’ve spent many
hours looking thru their inventory and found some great
treasurers on jewelry manufacture and repair and enamaling. It
helps to have the ISBN number available, its usually printed on
the copyright page. If they don’t have the book, they may be
able to help you find it. Good Luck. Leslie

The Book Exchange e-mail :
Tele.: 1-800-935-8536



Setting of Gemstones, is by Walter Zeiss, and is available from
Ruhle-Diebener-Verlag; D-7000 Stuttgart-70; Germany (Remember to
ask for an English version) or from the larger tool distributors
in the US. I recommend this book highly.

Best Regards,

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking


Hi everybody. Regarding Setting of Gemstones (124 pages) by
Walter Zeiss, I have some to share. I was a student
of his in Germany during the early 70’ s for two years. He taught
setting and gemology at the school I attended, the Fachhochschule
fFCr Gestaltung. I learned a lot from him, and I even have a n
early copy of the book in German. I also have a copy in English.
The man kne w so much but unfortunately the book is pretty
primitive by today’s standards. There are some real good tips,
but it is not the book we all seek.

Frei-Borel lists it in their catalog: #162.610 for $36.50: or 800-900-3734 .

Rio also has some of these setting books: or

Gesswein is another source: or 800-243-4466.

Depending on what aspect of setting one is researching, there
are a few choices: Robert Wooding has a series of very
descriptive books: Channel Setting Diamonds, Diamond Setting and
Bead Setting Diamonds which are all readily available through

Then there is The Technology of Setting by Grether. It is very
small (88 pages) and at $49.95, it seems expensive. Translated
from French (the language of setting), this Swiss book is a lot
like Zeiss’s in format and content.

Ray Schow of Portland, Oregon authored a book that his son
produced, specializing in the basics of plate setting (bead

Hardy’s classic book, Jewelry Repair, has a large section of
about 60 pages on setting.

Swest put out a very good pamphlet, Diamond Setting, several
years ago. It has the best illustrations, but not much depth.

Then there are the tapes: Diamond Setting- Pave, Diamond Setting
for Beginners, Diamond Setting-Baguette Diamonds, Diamond
Setting- Fancy Cut Diamonds, Diamond Setting-Channel Set
Diamonds, all by Wooding.

GRS has another tape, GRS Diamond Setting Bead and Bright Cut.

All of these are available from the major suppliers. Until the
definitive book is written to meet today’s expectations, we are
going to have to use what is out there.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco


Thank you thank you. I found it! The book is available on the
website from Vince - - and will find out
about ordering. The book has no isbn # so, it must only be
available in Germany.

Thank you Alan for the list of suggested books on stone setting
. . . and how fortunate to have studied with the author!

You’all are great out there . . .mahalo nui loa (thank you very
much)! Cynthia


Cynthia, I just bought an out-of-print lapidary manual from You can search for out-of-print books and
they will list the book dealers that have a copy plus a
description of the condition and the price. Most likely it
would be a used book but who cares since you want the information
contained therein.

I just received my first book from them. It took about 2 wks
and the condition was exactly as described on their website.

You can also try but basically they get back to you
in a couple of days when/if they locate your book. With you can tell immediately if the out-of-print
book is available.




You left Gerald Wykoff’s book, Master Techniques of
Stonesetting, off of your list. Have you sen it, and what is
your opinion. I have one of the Wooding books and the Wykoff,
and like both.

Roy (Jess)

 Ray Schow of Portland, Oregon authored a book that his son
 produced, specializing in the basics of plate setting (bead

If any one has or knows where I could get a copy of Ray Schows
Book I would love to get one. I was a student of his in 1982.
Ray was the most talented and knowledgeable stone setter I have
ever seen and incredible teacher.

Ray Holliday


Hi Ray,

I believe the GIA Bookstore in Carlsbad CA has them. I got 1
from them at the Tucson show last Feb. They’ve got a web site,
but I don’t know what it is.