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[Book] Scroll Saw Basics

Hi everyone,

In regard to the scroll saw questions, I would like to suggest a book,
“Scroll Saw Basics” by Patrick Spielman, Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
387 Park Avenue South, New York, 10016, published in 1991. It explains all
the different features, evaluates many models and brands, and suggests
modifications one might make to upgrade an inexpensive imported scroll saw.
It is geared toward woodworking, but still very helpful.

I “invested” in a Hegner, about ten years ago, after reaching the limit of
patience with cheap tools. It is a wonderfully made, precision machine that
is made in Germany, and available from Advanced Machinery Imports Ltd. of
New Castle, DE 1 800 648-4264 It uses jewelers blades, but takes some
practice to know the correct blade, tension, and motor speed. It does not
saw fast. Most of the time I saw things out by hand. But for special jobs,
thick metal, dies that must be accurate, angle sawing, etc. The results can
be spectacular! I made a masonite surface for the table that has a small
opening around the blade, a must to prevent vibration. I use beeswax or
burr-life for a lubricant. (I think Chris Smith, a Hegner-and-metals
"expert," uses olive oil drip!)