[Book] Rock Crystal

I just came across a beautiful book that I think some of you might
be interested in owning. Usual disclaimer, I have no monetary
connection with the book company. I got the book through Edward
Hamilton, BookSellers. They sell through the internet and through a
newspaper type catalogue they send out from time to time. Among
other things, I think they pick up odd lots of books that have not
been selling well. This one is a beauty, originally priced at
around seventy five dollars it is now seventeen ninety five. It is
called “Rock Crystal Treasures From Antiquity to Today” by Sylvie
Raulet in collaboration with Alain Boucheron. Besides giving a
thorough history of the use of quartz crystal from prehistoric times
to the present, it is a “coffee table” type book full of beautiful
color photographs of every kind of object de art that mankind has
fashioned through the ages. Everything from statue’s eyes in
ancient Egypt to Jacque Cousteau’s ceremonial sword handle to
jewelry creations of the 1990s. Enjoy! Rose Alene McArthur