Book Reviews

I’m finally coming up for air, and settling in for one of my favorite
summer pastimes- a good read. I feel like a kid in a candy shop -
with 3 new wonderful books- all full of tips, tricks, technical info
and more. I’m not done them yet, but I’m very impressed with:

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton Brain - a comprehensive of the metal
working techniques that Charles has developed over the years. It has
tons of gorgeous photos and easy to follow step by step
instructions. Charles’ approach to metalsmithing opened my eyes to
how plastic metal can be.

Creative Stone Setting by John Cogswell features an interesting
variety of stone setting techniques. John included lots of
on fabricating settings for stones. The illustrations
are fantastic, and I’m really liking the tool modification examples.

The Jewelers Bench Book by Charles Lewton-Brain shows some great ways
to trick out your studio so you can work more efficiently. After
studying this book, I’ll be making a trip to the hardware store for
some latch clips (thank you John DeRosier) and other items to
incorporate into my set up.

Thank you Charles Lewton Brain and John Cogswell for a most enjoyable
and enlightening experience!

-Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine. Hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.

Foldforming, Jeweler’s Bench Book, Creative Stonesetting

These three are among my favorite summer reads as well, Kate. I got
mine directly from Brynmorgen Press (thanks, Abby!) - and haven’t
been able to put them down since. Foldforming has rocked my world -
it has heightened my love affair with metal as a medium.

To the authors: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

These techniques are what will set one’s work apart from all the
rest. Learn something new, then make it your own!