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Book Recommendations for wax modeling

Can you recommend a book or two? I looked at the Mattiello book on
advanced wax modeling, and it is great. I just have to go and buy it.
It is very detailed, with lots of drawings. There is a Japanese book
I saw, Toshio odate or something, good, but not as good. No colour
drawings and wicked expensive.

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I am happy to advise that Ganoksin has the permission to republish
an online version of the English manuscript of

"Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique"
by Minoru Azama (1999).

The book was originally printed in Japanese. ISBN 4-905588-99-5,
by Kashiwa Hobby Books, 93pp

Azama process emphasizes building up wax as opposed to starting with
a wax blank and carving away material. He uses this approach for
organic as well as geometric subjects.

Orchid, Stay tuned! and Thank You Min!


Not a whole lot to choose from. You’ve already mentioned one by
Aldolfo Matiello “Jewelry Wax Modelling”. Technically very good and
detailed; deals with rings only, focuses on accuracy and layouts.
Follow each project in sequence and repeat them until you get them
right. Another book I found useful for general interest and deals
more in freeform techniques is “Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and
Sculpture” by Lawrence Kallenburg. The 2 books by Hiroshi Tsuyuki
are a little more special interest, and although some of the designs
appear outdated, he shows techniques and methods for producing
delicate and beautifully sculpted pieces.

Since you are in the Toronto area, if you haven’t already taken a
course at George Brown College, I’d suggest you sign up. The
instructor I had was fantastic; he continuously stresses accuracy
from the beginning and made you repeat things until you got them
right. You learn much faster and develop your skills by having
someone guide you and have a mentor available to guide through some
tough situations.

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