[Book] New titles from Charles Lewton-Brain

Hi All,

Well, it has been a busy year. The foldforming Cd, long overdue, is,
after a computer mistake (lost a month plus) well underway, and
coming, god willing, soon.

The Jeweler’s Bench book is doing well, and getting good reviews.
Please pass on about this book to your friends. Sales of
this one benefit the Ganoksin Project and the Orchid List.


And I’ve done a few other projects in the last while. The Keum-Boo
paper for instance is just published this week.

best Charles

Keum-Boo: Hot Burnished Gold Foil

This book teaches how to easily hot burnish gold foil
permanently onto silver objects, and raw sheet for soldering
and building patterned jewelry with. It is a very rapid, easy
method of adding the buttery richness of 24k gold to your
silver and gold objects. This incredibly simple designing
technique was re-introduced to the West from Korea in the
1980’s. It lets you make pictures and patterns using pure 24k
gold foil placed onto other metals as well, including steel,
platinum, palladium, 14K, 18K and other gold alloys, aluminum
and even copper. Step-by-step photos show how to make your own
gold foil, hot burnish onto silver, platinum. Also discussed
are how to calibrate a hot plate and use liver of sulfur. The
white electrum alloy for keum-boo is described.

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Making a Chain Chasing Tool

This paper explains how to make a chain tool, a class of
chasing tool which lets you make organized, regular rows of
round dents for borders, frames, bands and decorative repeated
marks. Different shapes are possible, and the registration
bumps on the tool let you automatically extend a decorative
line or row, otherwise very hard to do with chasing tools. More
complex patterns can be placed between the registration bumps
allowing complicated rows of marks. The same idea can make
rope-like lines of marks. Tool steels, sources and hardening
and tempering are addressed. Chain tool is not
available elsewhere. Includes 30 black and white step-by step

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River Trip

This book documents a significant Lewton-Brain project, “River
Trip”, an exhibition first shown at INFLUX gallery in Calgary.
It represents key works from more than a years work in the Cage
Series, works made with the trademark copper and gold
electroforming that marks Lewton-Brains work since 2000.

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Diderot on Chasing Tools and Workshop

This is a reproduction of Diderot’s famous French
Encyclopaedia from 1751. There are three pages, a title page, a
descriptive key page to the images and a page that has an
engraving of a chasing and damascening workshop along with a
plate showing chasing tools and chisels as well as some typical
workshop tools. After the reproduction comes a new section: the
translation of the workplace descriptions and the tool key into
English, with the proper English chasing terms used for the
tools. A variety of tools are named.

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The Polishing Report (2007 - in case you missed it’s publication)

This Paper proposes a system for polishing jewelry
successfully. It was a cooperative project with Allcraft Tools
in New York City. It is about a core Polishing Set of tools,
the basic buffs and more for a working jeweler. The stages of
polishing are broken into four major steps: large cutting,
small cutting, large bright coloring and small bright coloring.
Full of tips and tricks the Polishing Report tells you how to
polish, remove fire scale, create sharp inside right angles and
avoid overpolishing. Sections include holding items, cleaning
polishing compound, alternative polishing wheels and more. 31
pages, A number of color pictures.

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