[Book] jewelry design

I am looking for a book Contemporary American Jewelry Design by
Ettagale Blauer. Should be more than one edition (?). Amazon says
it is out of print. Has anybody seen it somewhere (in store or in
the net)? Has anybody read it? Does it have anything readable
about the contemporary design or just pics? Eddie from Latvia

I have that book, I will try to locate it … will check back
with you later. Rita

Contemporary American Jewelry Design was written in about 1990
and is excellent. I will email the author, Ettagale Blauer, with
the question as to its availability, and then report back to
Orchid. I am proud to say that my newest book, The Art Of Jewelry Making was just released and is somewhat similar, with
profiles of 25 contemporary jewelry designers. It also follows
the creation of one item from each of the featured artists. The
book is a very affordable $24.95, all color and hardbound. It
includes: Michael Good, Tim McCreight, Charles Lewton-Brain,
Marianne Hunter, Etienne Perret, Jaclyn Davidson, Tami Dean,
Ross Coppleman and many other well respected jewelry makers. You
can find it in many book stores, probably on Amazon or you can
order it directly from Revere Academy Books. Go to the books and
videos section on our website: revereacademy.com. If you would
like a signed and personalized copy, let me know. Alan

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
760 Market Street . Suite 900
San Francisco . California . 94102 . USA
tel: 415 . 391 . 4179
fax: 415 . 391 . 7570
email: alan@revereacademy.com
http://www. revereacademy.com

This book is available at http://www.bookfinder.com/. It is
used, and their price is $13.50. It didn’t say how many they
have. I hope this helps. Steve Shelby

Willis Monie Books has it for $13.50 Email wilmonie@wpe.com
found it on bibliofind

Some useful search engines for books I use aRe:








You can usually find it with one of those.

Chris Hackett

Here is a response from Ettagale Blauer regarding her book,
Contemporary American Jewelry Design. She says: It is officially
out of print; I purchased the remaining copies from Chapman &
Hall and am selling them to interested parties for $30 each
including shipping, first come, first served. As for “Eddie
from Latvia” 's question about “anything readable” in it, the
book contains a full text on the contemporary American jewelry
design movement covering the 1970s and 1980s, describing the
history of the movement and some of the principal players in it;
fully illustrated in color. Anyone who wants a copy can send me
a check for $30, with their full return mailing address; I’ll
sign and inscribe the book as requested.

Ettagale Blauer
8 West 13th St
NY, NY 10011

I wish you the best of luck trying to find it. I have been
searching for this book for over a month now. I live in Australia
and i have had no luck here through anybody. if you do fnd it i
would really love to know the details of where and how much

Take Care

Thanx to all who helped in my search! Unfortunately the book was
sold before I reached the store and the manager told they had 5
or 6 enquiries about it!. Now I can advise - act quickly if you
see a good book. If someone is looking for gem & jewelry books in
Russian post me, maybe I can help in return.
Eddie from Latvia

I have the book Contemporary American Jewelry Design and it IS a
really nice book, worth having. Gorgeous photos and lots of them
and great Its really surprising how quickly jewelry
books go out of print, it wasn’t that long ago I remember this
being in the bookstores, I lucked out on a used copy in the
second hand book stores. If you see a good jewelry book come out,
buy it, as it may not be around that long…Dave

I may be on the wrong request here – which book are you looking
for? If it is my book, Contemporary American Jewelry Design,
you can buy it through me. Let me know.

Ettagale Blauer

To Dave –

Thanks for the nice words about my book, Contemporary American Jewelry Design. The world of publishing is as Byzantine as that of
jewelry. My original publisher decided it was no longer interested
in its entire list of gem and jewelry books even though it was well
known for them! It sold the list to another publisher and that
publisher was then bought by yet another publisher who does
scientific books and who simply raised the selling price of the book
to nearly $70! That was its way of saying, we’re not interested in
this book. This, alas, is a fairly typical story these days.

Ettagale Blauer