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[Book] jewelry design - meet the writer - Ettagale Blauer

Contemporary American Jewelry Design was written in about 1990
and is excellent. I will email the author, Ettagale Blauer,
with the question as to its availability, and then report back
to Orchid.  

Ettagale Blauer will be the guest speaker at the Long Island
Craft Guild March 16, 2000, General Meeting in Melville, NY (on
Long Island) at 7:45 PM. Doors open at 7. For more Info
check out the Guild web page at

Admission is free and open to all who are interested. Martha from
Long Island


Wow, that was weird to read LI Craft Guild. Is this the same as The Long
Island Craftsmen’s Guild? If so, my parents were extremely active members
of the group in the 60-70’s till they moved to SF area. And my husband was a
member of the guild for 8 years before we ever met and got married.

If you have heard of Helen or Moe Kirshner. Or Joseph Casalino Jr. Let me

Miki Casalino